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Tadasana means Palm tree Posture i.e streight and strong. this posture makes your body streight and strong like Palm tree . step -1 stand streight with 2 inch difference between legs lift your both hands u to shoulder height. fix your palm in each other as shown keeping your hands streight. and slowly twist your palm outwards now inhaling slowly take your hands upwards over your heads and keep it streight relax and balance your self in this posture for a while thereafter raise your self on your toes as shown and stretch yourself upwards. now without loosing your balance stay at this posture for 10-15 sec breathe normally inhale and exhale slowly deeply balancing may be tough at startup but later its easy with practise regular practise of this posture helps reducing belly fat, fatclogging around waistline, and naval areas, improves body posture and reduces chance of spinal nerve compression please don’t do this posture if you are suffering from heart disease, vertigo or vericose it strengthen thighs,knees and heels after 10-15 sec posture exhaling slowly put your heels down. bring your hands down slowly as shown and relax repeat it again, do this posture atleast 10-25 times regularly… it also improves physical and mental balance… young generation must practise Sun salutation or Surya Namaskar I practise Sun salutation 10 times / Minute, but you can start with 2 times /minute it has 12 steps start with one step 5 seconds thus 1 sun salutation/minute if your body is weak both internally and externally, it automatically attracts too many diseases which harms you, weak immunity and physical health makes you suffer from heat. cold, fevers, coughs, constipation, indigestition, and so many other. principle of survival is known to all – fittest will survive in Sanskrit it is ” Veer bhogya Vasundhara”

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