Will the #Tigermoth camper trailer fit in a standard garage?

Hey everybody the project for today is get
the tigermoth ready to go in the garage for the winter let’s get to it
so before we start working in the garage I’m going to make a fire out here and
then I’m gonna clear out the embers and I’m gonna pack it with kindling
generally speaking you want to start with a couple of larger pieces of
kindling -okay that’s going pretty good now let’s get that garage cleaned
out okay that’s cleaned up good enough okay
I’m just gonna get some of the snow off here okay that should be enough okay let’s
get this camp bike folded up okay that’s all folded up okay before we can move
the trailer in let’s take care of this wheel and changing tire for the winter okay with these Rad City bikes with the
direct drive motor there’s just this one connector here okay this washer got some of this
Loctite on it so I’m just gonna kind of shear it with this ice pick here there
we go okay let’s get the air out of the – okay
before we take the tube out I’m gonna get some soapy water and just make sure
the rims are free of dirt okay let’s get some of those tire pry bar things took
the tube up now okay rotation is going this way rotation
is going this way okay so now let’s uh let’s put some air
in this tire okay let’s give this tire but put back
on okay that’s on there okay I’ll make the electrical connection
okay I’m just going to put a tiny amount of dielectric grease on these connectors okay this bike is riding good okay now
what do you say we get this Tiger Moth put it into the garage for the winter okay here’s the tiger moth all tucked
away for the winter that turned out real good and it fit no problem
okay the cob oven has been going for pretty much the majority of the day and
now I’m going to take out all the coals and pack the cob oven with wood okay I’ve got all of the coals cleared
out the bottom of the oven is 615 degrees the top is around 700 get outside of the oven is about 120
degrees so do you hear that kind of hollow thin sound let’s dry it up real
nice I don’t have a moisture meter but I think these will make real nice pieces
to make some kindling out of all right so that job’s done
thanks for tuning in I’ll see you next time

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