Will I fit in at University? – Mature students at the University of Leeds

Come from a truck driver
to finish [INAUDIBLE] years on a first. If I can do that, then
anybody can do that. I am so passionate
about social policy, and now I can infiltrate
that to put my stamp on it. [INAUDIBLE] to do it was to come
to university, get a degree, study it. The Lifelong Learning
Centre is unique. They will teach you everything
you need to know to succeed. And when you’ve got a
problem, you can go to them and say I got a problem with
this, or I don’t understand it. And they’ll sit down
and explain it to you. To come here [? and integrate ?]
as an older guy is real difficult, but I
can [INAUDIBLE] Catherine, Andrew, some of the
people that I see. It’s sort of like a
bit of reassurance. And although it’s frightening,
it’s worth the fear. You’ll get to where
you want to be in life. The Lifelong Learning
Centre for me has been the academic support
that you need to succeed. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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