Will a Gas Engine Run on RC Racing Fuel? Let’s find out!

Will a Gas Engine Run on RC Racing Fuel?  Let’s find out!

I get a lot of great video project ideas from those you leave in comments And I had at least 400 people ask me to task RC racing fuel in a small engine What exactly will happen to a small engine with the RC racing fuel ? this is a form of leaded fuel that has a lot of methanol in it and a lot of folks want to know will the Engine even run if it does run is it going to run hot is it going to have more power less power? What exactly is going to happen to an engine on the RC racing fuel? Well? This is a bit of a mystery to me? I’ve looked at the MSDS and there’s not a lot of information about the ingredients in this fuel But what I do know is we have a couple of quarts to work with and we have a small engine So let’s get this project underway The MSDS is not very specific regarding, what’s in the RC racing fuel? It just says complex combination of hydrocarbons 99.9% and then less than 0.2% motor fuel anti-knock compound Some other interesting information inside the MSDS on this RC racing fuel as the flashpoint is 22 degrees Celsius or 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit I also notice the vapor pressure is less than 1137 millimeters of mercury So we’re going to test to see if this engine will also run off of the vapor So I just want to point out. This is a 30 percent mix of this racing fuel that I know they also have Other other strengths that include maybe fifteen or twenty percent, maybe even more of a stronger version than this So I always like to mix things before I add them even if it doesn’t have it on the instructions Just in case there’s been some settling, so I’m gonna mix this up real good Now I’ve added a see-through fuel tank to this engine just so we can actually watch what I’m Pouring into the tank and just sort of observe it as it’s being used up Just just curious about what this stuff will do and how it looks so we’ll go ahead and open this up Now this cap I’ve added to the see-through fuel tank does have a couple holes so it will be vented Okay, so I wasn’t able to get this engine to run off of just the RC fuel without a little bit of help it was starting to get enough fuel and I think part of it is this RC fuel has 9% oil in it So I’m gonna do is put together sort of a little choke So I want to measure the engine performance using the RC fuel but I don’t have any way to measure horsepower but what I can do is disconnect the kill switch on the engine brake system and Use the engine brake to cry some drag on this flywheel the way this works. Is there’s on the handlebar of the lawnmower There’s a lever when it’s released It closes in and begins to drag on this flywheel causing a lot of resistance, so this should do a pretty good job So I was looking at the MSDS and they said this stuff just doesn’t turn into a vapor very easily So it’s not going to run on vapors As it’s set up So I’m gonna have to add some gasoline Gasoline is very volatile it turns into vapors very quickly So what I’m going to go ahead and do is add a quart so it will be 50 % racing fuel and 50 % unleaded fuel Running an engine on nothing, but RC fuel that’s a great idea I just want to thank the four to five hundred people that suggested I do this video it is a great one the engine actually worked it actually worked it actually ran on the RC fuel I did have to really create a Pretty powerful choke in order to get enough fuel into the engine to get it running Also the engine that runs on vapours needed a 50% gas 50% RC fuel mix to get it to run But once it was running it ran really well Also, I didn’t see very much build-up inside this engine as a result of using the RC fuel even though it had a lot of smoke And I think that’s because RC fuel happens to have 9% oil so it’s a very thick type of product Just as a reminder. I’m not sponsored by the maker of this product or any other Company, and I plan to keep it that way I enjoy having the independence and the freedom to do positive as well as negative Reviews without any sort of politics or pressure from a company to produce results that just haven’t been earned But hey I’m looking for more video project ideas I’ve got a list and I have to order a lot of supplies in advance in order to be ready to create these videos so But anyway in closing. I hope you’ll like subscribe and share if there’s something I can do better Please leave a comment on that just want to say Thank you very much for watching the video, and I look forward to seeing you next time

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  1. Ran out of petrol one day when the garden was nearly finished. Anyone in the UK knows what a faf it is to go fill the can so I tried the only thing to hand, turpentine substitute. Worked, ran and started up fine. Belched white smoke on the ovverun and offered up a pretty pleasent smell. Had to use Petrol to start back up from cold though

  2. I run my riding lawnmower on 100NL only because it runs better, I have friend that's a pilot. That's how I can get it

  3. I enjoy your videos. They are very informative. You do your testing the proper way showing all the facts.

  4. Glad to see you aren't sold out to companies, makes for legitimate videos, that said I am about at the end of my rope watching all the Youtubers singing praises about the "Olight" flashlight…..maybe you could compare some known great manufacturers (Surefire, Streamlight etc…) against an Olight. Thanks

  5. I had a scooter (50ccm) with 5.2 hp. And i filled up a lot of nitro fuel so it was a good portion of it on my tank. Liked that evening much:) i have removed the speed limiter and on nitro it went over the rev limiter on 5000rpm. ( still wondering today why i didnt disconnect the rev limiter back then). So it made 90 kmph:) but when i came home that night the decoration cover on the silencer was deformed caused the heat. And the engine didn’t stop when i turned off the ignition. So i had to clog the exhaust. It had a high strange idle. The scooter had a much sharper but deeper sound, which i could hear while driving. And i heard also from the scooter that the sound had much more reach around me. It was strange. The distant sound was greater than "sound of source". To compare with your video i take a guess that nitro fuel seem to have better effect on 2-stroke engines. I have also tested some balls to put in the tank on a car once. They chemically raised the octane level in the fuel. It worked. And i noticed the car gained on accelleration and climbed hills up mountains better. But after that on regular gas it became a bit slower then it was before i did the experiment. So that was a bit annoying:/

  6. My scooter had to deal with diesel mixtures, red spirit, rc nitro, gas with kerisene, 96% with anticondensators added to be sure i reached destination. Good engine😁 but what killed (ruined the piston rings) it was when i before a day long trip adjusted the carburator on air/fuel mixture to se how low it would go on consumption. I think it was almost 200km. It used around 3dl. The tank was still almost full at least. But it werent worth it, since piston rings got into a very "waspy" condition. Have those 2-stroke engines managed to lubricate not depending on the fuel those engines could have used much less fuel. It managed to almost have the same power the most of the trip:)

  7. Well, the noice was not exactly the same as my OS .21 V-Spec going 30000+ rpm down the long straight at the RC course. But I must say that that lawnmower runs well with regard to all the crap it has to withstand.

    Anyone kept count on how many times the cylinder head has come off that thing?

  8. Great vid. I was subscribe to your channel they another name I had communicated when you did vid on Sea foam on Ford ranger I had explorer did the same thing

  9. I love your videos it keeps me from possibly ruining some of my engines wit that being said can you test if you can run an engine on gas vapors from a 12 volt battery I know its extremely flammable

  10. Hi, I'm a fan of your channel just for being "real" with your test and just using your everyday tools and machinery that most of us have. Thanks for keeping it real!

  11. OMG, all this time watching your videos, I just realized I have the EXACT SAME lawnmower! For the last 7 years i've called it "Tha Beast" , cause it's just damn indestructible.😉

  12. 1 time I was mowing my lawn and ran low on gasoline so I put some nitro into it mixed with gas and finished my lawn lol still using the same mower today. I wonder If it's more fuel efficient running on vapor seems like the fuel would last way longer.

  13. Rc glow fuel is methanol + oil + nitro methane. It burns much more richer than petrol due to the nitro in part so you need to up your jet sizes in the carb. Rc fuel is basically designed to run in a two stroke type engine so how about trying it in a two stroke engine? Try using micro drills or gas welding nozzle files to open up your jets?

  14. a lot of those fuels are designed to run with glow plugs instead of spark plugs. Great video! i was wondering about this, and low and behold project farm already tested it 2 years ago. 🙂

  15. They run straight ethanol in South America but they have a one gallon tank to start the vehicle then switch over after 30sec
    Once the cylinder warms up ethanol will detonate in the cold mountains

  16. Puts foot on mower deck close to blades at 7:30 ??????
    I can hear his mom saying one day Robbie your gonna cut your toes off with a mower….

  17. How about using 90w gear lube as engine oil? With Coleman lantern fuel for gas?…❗might be stuck in the woods without gas and have 2 gallons of Coleman fluid…🤔

  18. Love all your videos and the way you present everything. They are very informative. Hope all the hard work pays of. Have a good day sir 🙂

  19. How fast can you make an engine run? Can you increase the RPM by 25%, 50% or 100%? What would you need to do for faster RPM – different fuel, mess with the timing or governor or something? Can you over-clock an engine to run faster than the normal max rpm?

  20. Really do have to applaud your attention to detail with the use of The MSDS and analyzing the materials you use. This particular experiment was one I was interested in myself being I’ve been in the R/C Nitro car racing hobby.

    My assumptions were correct, the lubrication in the fuel is important because the small parts of an RC Engine at such high RPM 30,000RPM or more needs that high oil content to prevent failure. Usually R/C engines only last for 3 gallons of fuel before being worn out.

    Great video and thanks for doing it!

  21. we've heard every man whose worked on a vehicle say: "i've put my blood, sweat, and tears into this car!" Could we put bodily fluids in the engine?

  22. Will an engine run on water, by separating the water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen as the fuel and pure oxygen only in the air intake?

  23. 👻The Ghost of Briggs and Stratton will swallow your soul for this!!!😈 Just kidding happy Halloween machine heads. 🤓

  24. I feel obligated to make a suggestion every time I watch a video so this never has to end.
    Something tells me mayonaise would make a better oil than bananas.

  25. Here’s an idea. Over here in Japan they actually offer an oil change service just changing the oil not the filter. You could also test the reverse. Can a new filter clean dirty non serviceable oil?

  26. Could you please show or design a portable vaporization setup for a motorbike, how would this increase miles/gal, and do it on a 4stroke bike kit

  27. Look up john kanzius radio wave hydrogen seperation that would be an interesting way to run an engine on hydrogen

  28. I am assaulted by ads, YT is relentless in forcing ads, up to 15 attempts to bypass the ads and watch the video. Two times here. So I have unsubbed, sadly.

  29. i put this in my minibike with a 6.5hp 4 stroke ohv robin subaru engine and it went really fast for about 3/4 of a mile and completely seized throwing me into a ditch at about 35mph

  30. Will a Gas Engine Run on model airplane fuel? ( Model fuel is a blend of methyl alcohol (methanol), Nitro-methane (Nitro), and oil. Methanol is the main ingredient, and provides most of the power. Nitro is added to assist the idle and acceleration, as well as increase power. The oil that's in the fuel is the source of lubricant for the engine.)

  31. I ran my bike off it about 9 years ago think it's was a 16% fuel, had to run it with the choke on full but it ran the exact same as petrol in terms of power

  32. I asked you about bleach in gas will the motor still run. And never did it so I did it and bleach in gas will destroy an engine. Because of rust

  33. If you haven't done one already – how about a video on the effectiveness of several products that claim to clean carburetors? A proper carb cleaning job is very expensive – a decent product could save lots of money if it works decently. You could compare how well a product cleans carbs – via adding to fuel – compared to new performance or something like that.

  34. One time We mixed the gas for our 2 stroke bike with 70% 15:1 2 stroke and 30% RC racing fuel, it ran like garbage and wide open it would big down but if you really played with the throttle you could get that baby up to 30, on normal gas it won't break 23!
    Of course immediately after this we switched back to 15:1 only and it just ran better all around, we run it with so much oil because the engine gets maxed out on a daily basis during the summer, we use it as our main towing rig since the electric bike could just use more range.
    Great video keep it up!

  35. I tried this in my ninja gas scooter and couldn’t turn it off I had to put my hand over the carburetor and restrict the air to minimize it the it turned off I was going a little faster and got pulled over by a cop and He asked where my license plate and turn signal I said I bough it at the swap meet like that it’s not like a real motorcycle is gas though and he wanted to call the tow truck lol I said on a $200 dollar swapmeet motorcycle he asked for my license but I was 16 years old lol . And he let me go and he said to go walking so I did.

  36. Awesome video brother… try running the RC fuel in your motorized bicycle engine from what I've heard on YouTube it makes alot more power on the two stroke but I don't know about the four stroke I do know that you have to run a way bigger main jet in the carb..

  37. You’re not going to build more power by limiting airflow. The proper way to make this engine run with a high methanol blend is to open up the jets. So that it’s not running lean.

  38. RC fuel operates like diesel and ignites from compression, not spark.
    My guess is since the RC fuel ran this gas engine, that the engine compression was high enough to cause ignition.

    I'd like to see this without the spark plug. It ought to run without spark.
    Your choke plate just reinforces that fuel – air ratio is critical.

  39. RC fuel operates like diesel and ignites from compression, not spark.
    My guess is since the RC fuel ran this gas engine, that the engine compression was high enough to cause ignition.

    I'd like to see this without the spark plug. It ought to run without spark.
    Your choke plate just reinforces that fuel – air ratio is critical.

  40. Back when you used the vaporizor the first time…
    I'd like to see smaller air bubbles to increase the air mixture and more vapor content. This vapor idea needs more refining.

  41. Back when you used the vaporizor the first time…
    I'd like to see smaller air bubbles to increase the air mixture and more vapor content. This vapor idea needs more refining.

  42. It's funny how everyone becomes a fuel expert instead of just enjoying some of the engine fuel mixtures and what happens with different chemicals in an engine.im sure not many would know what would happen in that engine. Even though they would love to make everyone think they knew what exactly what would happen. But that's why experiments are performed. You keyboard Nazis know shit! Look, learn and maybe you'll learn something , even if you won't admit it.

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