When Will We Run Out Of Names?

100 thoughts on “When Will We Run Out Of Names?

  1. The way how to prevent this crisis is numbers

    Henry the 3

    Henry the 7

    Henry the 10

    Henry the 1028888333091768939372228909177832207784438

    There are unlimited numbers

  2. Just imagine a world where everyone had a unique name … ( No two were the same ) If you murdered someone and the police found you , you can't deny it was you … 😮

  3. First man alive name: A

    Last man alive name: AbdufufjdgdjfoeorbfdswuwkebdkxphobEeusiekdjxjcbsmepfohydsddkcpwmevyifoxk2948584920748926392049hdieodicudgyf205958383bfofprpykuxxrxykfkfkdocohufdjckxtkfxo29429utrkodivvfrrdirhysodboeeyhfjfktbsbswgehjrkthlndvsavtjylfnsv1478975gnwgnwnqgtqjtakatkkataykkzylxuyzlyzohxlyizzitgkzkzttJTjjFafnntqgsmajtyskydkyksyxoulxtzi

  4. “Wow, that sheep you got there looks so nice! What’s her name? I bet it’s a cute one!”

    “Oh, thanks for the compliment. By the way her name is donkeykongbestwaifuof3930#donkeykongandspeedwagonbestwaifulmao69420666.”


  5. Pregnant Mother: "What should we name her? Cari?"
    Father: "Nice name but taken. What about i_suck_big_cocks_2010/cool/strong/baby,female/has_powers/all_the_boys_like_me/cant_die?"
    The doctor in there: "What the fuck…"
    The other docter: "Sir, I'm Afraid your insane. Get in the straitjacket now."
    FBI: "F.B.I OPEN UP!"
    The 1st Doctor: faints*

  6. Mom: I want to name my baby boy Michael

    Nurse: Name taken what about MichaelS27

    Mom: No!

    Baby: What about ELECTRICPANTS!
    mom has fainted

  7. never because we can always have a name like this


  8. Mom: I would like to like my child TurtleToes43958593.

    Doctor: Sorry, that name is Taken, would you like to name them "James"?

    Mom: Nope, I want a unique name.

    Doctor: Well, TurtleToes43958593 is already Taken.

    Mom: Okay, sorry. I'll name him James.

    Doctor: Sorry, James is taken now…

    Mom: Ugh, could I name him diwndifmeie9sicmf?

    Doctor: Sounds Great! The last name?

    Mom: eqowoxkfkek22isk.

    Doctor: Sounds Great! So the name is "diwndifmeie9sicmf eqowoxkfkek22isk"?

    Mom: Yep, thanks!

    Sorry it was long.

    Mom: Yep!

    Doctor: Okay! Here is your baby boy,

  9. This just reminds me of one thing

    Doctor: whats your childs name?
    The Parent: Emma..
    Doctor: sorry that name is taken you have 1 choice out of these 2 names Emma123 or EmmaXXX
    Parent: ….


  10. Well I’ll just make random names, and I think they’re pretty cool I already have some names if I ever have a child for female or male.

  11. Theres no such thing as "running out of usernames" because as long as numbers are infinite like you've mentioned in many of your videos, there will always be a way to add to a number for example a person could waste their entire life counting to 1 trillion although they're not even close to a fraction of the biggest or last number because there's no such thing as the biggest or last number because numbers are infinite.

  12. I feel like in 100 years there is going to be a widespread internet name wipe and every name on every website will be not taken

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