When To Change Gear (Up A Steep Hill) – Driving A Manual Car

**You can turn the subtitles off in settings ** Hello I’m Chris. This road is steep, tight
and windy. 1st gear is best here as it delivers slow speed but high power for
this hill. I need to drive slowly and ready for other road users such as
pedestrians in the road and oncoming vehicles. Of course there’s plenty of
more open and wider roads that go uphill than this one, where you can accelerate and
change gear. In this video we’re going to drive up and down some steep hills and
have a look at which gear to choose and when to change gear. If you’re driving uphill and change up a
gear too early before building up speed this happens. I’ll change up to 2nd. The car struggles and could even stall. What happens if I change up to 3rd? It’s really struggling now, I’d better
change back down to 2nd. It feels a bit better. I change down to 1st and it
feels like I’ve got much more power to accelerate. So when is the best time to
change up a gear? Well the low gears are best when driving
up a steep hill. Before you change up a gear make sure that you accelerate first, a bit more than you would on a flat road. Give the car more of a push, increase
momentum or otherwise as you go through the process of changing gear, the car
will slow down quickly meaning that you won’t need that higher gear anymore and
you’ll have to change back down again to avoid stalling or a struggling car. I’m
currently in 2nd gear. Careful of this oncoming van which is over the
centre line. Now I can accelerate and up to 3rd. Bend to the left ahead and the
hill is getting steeper. Gravity will slow me down, no brake needed. Select
2nd gear before the bend for better control. Tricky to see ahead, I’ll keep at
this speed in 2nd. Can’t see over the hill. Okay, see a bit further but a road
is still tight. And made it to the top of And made it to the top of the hill. Well it’s time to drive back down the hill now and if you are driving down a steep hill then driving in a low
gear will help keep the car slower than if you was in a higher gear. This
increases the effect of what is known as engine braking. More information on this
can be found in the description below, but the advantage of engine braking is
that you’ll have better control and you won’t need to brake as much which
reduces the risk of brake fade or in plain English overheating the brakes.
Remember that the steeper the hill the lower the gear you’ll need. I’ve just
passed a sign warning me of a steep downhill. I’m prepared in 2nd gear,
braking lightly. If I was in third did I If I was in 3rd then I’d have to brake even more as the car would try and speed up. Not only is this hill steep but the road
is also quite narrow with oncoming vehicles. It would definitely be unsafe
to drive any faster than this. The road will be a bit clearer ahead and
it will give me a great chance to show you what happens when I change up to 3rd, just so you can see how quickly the car increases speed. I’m not going to use the
footbrake or accelerator. The car speeds up so quickly down this steep hill. Braking and back down to 2nd. Well that’s the end of our video. Thanks
a lot for watching. Really hope you found it helpful, if you did then please
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virtual coffees, it’s really, really appreciated. As usual keep safe on the road and bye for now! you

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