What is Physical Abuse? Mental Health with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

What is Physical Abuse?   Mental Health with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Hey, everybody. Today, I’m going to talk about physical abuse, what is it, what are the effects, and what are our treatment options. If you’re new to my channel and you haven’t subscribed, why? Click here to subscribe. I put out videos every Monday and Thursday, and you don’t want to miss them. Whenever we talk about a new topic, I think it’s important to first define the term. Now, we’re talking about physical abuse, so I want to start off with what exactly physical abuse is. And they define it as the use of physical force that may result in bodily injury, physical pain, or impairment, okay? So that’s the clear-cut definition. Then, they say that the physical abuse may include but is not limited to such acts of violence as striking, hitting, beating, pushing, shoving, shaking, slapping, kicking, pinching, and burning. And so that gives us an idea of what it is we’re really talking about, what is physical abuse, and like I said, it’s not limited to those things, but it may include things such as that. And I want to also talk about the fact that physical abuse can occur to anyone, regardless of their age, regardless of their size. I know a lot of people assume the one being physically abused is a child or a woman and if someone is big and strong, that they wouldn’t be abused, but it doesn’t matter. That is not a requirement. It isn’t always the larger person that’s abusing the smaller person. Know that anyone can be abused, no matter their age, their size, their gender, any of that stuff. Now let’s talk about the effects of physical abuse. Obviously, everyone’s experience is going to be different. We all experience different types of physical abuse for different amounts of time. And also, everyone’s mind is different in the way that it starts processing that. But obviously, the first would be PTSD or C-PTSD. If you want more on those, you can click over here, and I’ll put the links in the description if you’re wanting more information on those symptoms. But that is definitely an effect of physical abuse because, as we know, PTSD comes from us fearing for our life or fearing that we may be in danger. Therefore, we’re traumatized, and we go through the symptomatology associated with PTSD. Physical abuse can also lead, and I’m just looking at my notes so I don’t forget anything, it can also lead to interpersonal problems. They say that a lot of people who’ve been physically abused can be overly aggressive with their friends, peers, and other loved ones. Also, it can lead to substance abuse in adolescence. It’s very common, and we know that a lot of people abuse substances as a way to cope with bigger things that are going on. I would even reckon to say that this could be associated with eating disorders or self-injury because we know those are unhealthy coping skills that we use to manage a situation that we feel we can’t get out of. They also mention how physical abuse can lead to depression, emotional distress, and suicidal ideation. Now, suicidal ideation means suicidal thoughts. We have—I always like to think of it like we have ideas of suicide, we don’t have a plan, and we’re not going to do it, but we think about it, and it sounds kind of better because we feel really hopeless as to where we are now. I also wrote down the statistic that one-third of those who are physically abused become physical abusers themselves. I think that’s something important to note and also even more reason to get treatment and to get support if we’re going through this because I know those of us who’ve been physically abused, none of my clients who went through that want to become abusers, but a lot of them don’t know how else to express themselves, how else to assert themselves, how else to get their needs met, because that’s the only way that was demonstrated in their house growing up and therefore leads them in doing it later. But if they get help sooner, I think that that number could go down. So that’s how physical abuse may affect us. Now, let’s talk about treatment options because, like I always say, the sooner we get help, the better. And there are a lot of treatment options. Hooray. So the first is actually parenting classes. And they talk about family therapy, parenting classes. Usually, there’s some form of legal mandate involved; you’re forced to go because if it is a child, let’s say a child has been physically abused and someone at the school or a therapist reports them, ’cause we’re mandated to, then the courts may get involved and force the family into therapy and force the parents into parenting classes. These are all great things. It helps us learn to better communicate, better ways to manage our anger and stress levels because that’s one of the biggest triggers, they say, for parents who abuse their children, is that the stress level of things going on in their life and managing being a parent and working, and all of that, becomes too much and they lash out. And so a lot of those classes can be really beneficial in parents better managing their stress and anger and helping better communications so the child feels heard and can feel understood and hopefully, the abuse stops. They also talk about CBT as being a treatment option. And the reason being that it targets certain—CBT for this issue—targets anger patterns and distorted beliefs. A lot of, like I said, a lot of people who are abusing their children were abused themselves, and so there’s a lot of these unhealthy anger patterns and distorted beliefs that they live in and that they function through. And so working with a therapist who specializes in CBT, you can kind of slow those down, take them apart, and realize that maybe those beliefs that you thought and held so firmly aren’t true at all. And also, they talk about talk therapy, like me. And what I do a lot is role-playing with clients, especially in family therapy. I think it’s very helpful in situations like this. It can help the parents see things from the child’s perspective so that maybe they can gain a little empathy and sympathy for the situation, making them work harder in their own therapy. It can be really helpful for the child to role-play with me, talking to parents, and communicating better. All of this is done to help them better visualize, better experience, healthy communication and healthy family systems. And it can take a lot of work. But through talk therapy, through working with a great therapist and maybe getting your family involved, it can get better. And I know I gave a lot of treatment options that kind of focus around families and children, but know that these also work for those of us in romantic relationships. Maybe we’re dating someone, maybe we’re married to someone. We don’t have children, but we’re being physically abused by that person. Maybe it’s a friend who can be physically abusive. All of these treatment options are still helpful. Getting into talk therapy is so helpful. I can’t put out this video without talking about safety. If you find yourself in a physically abusive relationship, whatever the kind, get out. Tell someone. Talk to someone. There are safe places to go. There are therapists who work free of charge to help you process this. You are not stuck. I know the cycle of abuse gets us caught and makes us think that that’s all that’s out there. But trust me, there’s help available. There’s people who care. And there is a way to get out. So the sooner we speak up, the sooner we get out of that situation, the better. Please share this video. You never know who may be affected by this. A lot of people don’t speak up. So please share. If you want more information on topics like these, click over here. And if you’re new to my channel, or old, and you haven’t subscribed, click over here to subscribe. And if you want to see what I’m up to in my daily life, click down at these other icons and follow me on all the social medias. And I’ll see you next time. Blehblah So that’s how phys—

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  1. Today I found out I passed my final medical school exams and will be a doctor! 🙂 it has been a really tough few years and I have had to take quite a lot of time out due but have finally made it. I couldn't have done it without you, your videos have been such a huge support and resource for me and it was so great to meet you when you came to Elgin. THANK YOU 🙂 xx

  2. So important. Thank you. 💛

    The 1 in 3 statistic was kind of shocking to hear. I knew there was a correlation but didn't know the number was quite that high. Passing the abuse on has always been my biggest fear and the reason I'm so hesitant to have children myself. It also makes me empathise with my parents which just makes it confusing to process.

    As for advice, you said everything I'd say. The biggest one I wish I had known was that there is always a way to get out and a safe place to go. The only thing I would add is that the extent of the actual physical damage doesn't need to be compared to anything/anyone else. There isn't a level of physical damage for it to be "serious enough" to get help. Often I think it's the look on someone's face or the intent they have to hurt you which is the most damaging, especially if it's someone who's supposed to love/protect you.

  3. Do you think the boundaries are different now? I think the way my dad hit me as a kid would be seen as physical abuse now, but it was a different era. Things are evolving all the time. I had a lot of emotional abuse as a child, too. And sexual abuse and rape in my teenage years. I am glad you do these videos. It helps to make people aware, and many of us feel less alone and isolated. x

  4. I find it so awesome that you won't judge anyone for they illness. Because people judge me and get mad at me all the time and it's just so awesome to see someone being so nice and open minded about things 🙂 love your videos btw 🙂

  5. Can I have an advice Kati? My mother used to spank me when I was young. She probably has OCD with cleaning, her relationship with my father has always been strained and she had to take of my grandma, my brother and I, so when she got angry she would lash out at me and used to let my brother spank me as well because I "deserved it". Nowadays I live by myself and in the beginning I put a lot of distance between us, like I didn't go visit her for like 6 months in a roll, she would come here at my house and talk to me but that was it. I felt our relationship got a lot better afterwards and I started going to her house and so far it's really good. Right now my parents finally decided to divorce, I talked to her and we both want to move out of the city and decided to live together again since we have similar plans. Do you think it's a good idea? I'm kind of afraid we start arguing again and that I feel unsafe living with her. At the same time she told me that we can live together in the beginning until I get settled down in a good job and then if I feel it's not working I can move out and live by myself again.

  6. Idk if I was physically abused. Growing up I know I was mentally abused by my father but not clear if I was also physically abused. I was always ticketed very rough until I would cry. It was quite painful and I would always ask him to stop. Sometimes he would spank, pinch, or hit me if I did something he didn't like. Lastly he would always play wrestle with me even when I asked him to stop. If you could reply with any sort of clarification that would be nice. Thank you for the video!!

  7. Being abused as a child and as an adult by my ex, been out 3 years.. it still is raw. (thank you PTSD) but I am trying to better myself. It is a process ♥ stay strong!!! ♥♥♥

  8. I grew up in a house where my mum was mentally ill and my dad was physically and emotionally abusive. I ended up in a relationship with someone (a female though) who treated me in a very similar way. I stayed for 10yrs but then my GP listened and helped me and I ended the relationship. I moved 150 miles back to where my family lived. I thought I was stuck being in a relationship unable to drive and never leaving my home but I did it!! I got out and I want everyone to know that they can too get out. Find someone who will listen, for me it was my Dr and GET OUT! You can do this

  9. Kati I'm 94% sure I'm being emotionally abused by my parents but my dad keeps saying everything he does is my fault and it's starting getting in my head to the point where I keep doubting it what should I do I want help but I'm scared to tell other people I tried to call a hotline but got chocked up

  10. Hiya Kati, does sexual abuse come under physical abuse or is it a completely different thing with different effects on the person and treatment options? Thanks for all the help! 💕

  11. Hi Kati, I was just diagnosed with conduct disorder but realized that you didn't have a video dedicated to it. I saw the ones for ODD and ASPD but could you do one for CD? Thank you.

  12. Hey Kati. I know you talk about emotional and physical abuse a lot but I was thinking that is verbal and emotional abuse the same thing?
    I need to know how to help my friend who is verbally abused all the time by her mother. What could I do to perhaps make her feel better?
    Thanks, love your videos. Talking about these kind of things really help the world, I think.

  13. I've been stabbed by a spork and had my fingers slammed in between desks in elementary school by another student. In middle school I was hit in the head with a math textbook by a different classmate.

  14. Hi Kati, I've been diagnosed with severe OCD after years of anxiety, depression and anorexia. It turns out this is my core diagnosis which I've suffered with all my life. I'm 17 and I was surprised that it hasn't been picked up earlier if it's been with me for so long. How do children suffer with OCD? How does childhood OCD develop into 'adult' OCD? Thank you so much for all your videos, you've been keeping me going for years now and you always make me feel like I'm not alone. Lots of love, Milly xxx

  15. Hey Kati! Love your videos! Can you do a video on repressed memories specifically related to trauma? Do you think they are credible? Why do they come up decades later sometimes? Also do you think it's possible they can be manipulated by the person's imagination or from other people's recollection of the abuse? Like if a sibling saw it as well. Anyway thanks for all that you do!

  16. I recently found your videos on youtube by accident actually. I am extremely grateful I found them though. Your topics are fantastic and I am so glad you talk about subjects that are so "in the dark" or considered "taboo" such as suicide, abuse, etc etc. I also really enjoy your website. It's an awesome site to get help and help others going through tough situations. I recently (just now) posted a question that I really hope you will able to choose to answer for your Thursday video. (Titled: Please Help). Thank you for taking the time to make these videos and being such a kind person!

  17. Wow I was quite surprised to hear that so many people who have been abused end up abusing. I knew this was a thing but had no idea it was so common. Thank you as always Kati!

  18. you say we won't feel stuck… the abuse I have suffered has caused me great emotional damage. lack of trust of drs.

    the abuse I suffered was from my local hospital and no one will do anything. the only thing I can do is pretect myself. not go there, be careful what I say and to who. I fear them. I fear it will happen again. it happened for 2 and half years. the only reason it stopped is because I learned to keep my mouth shut. I feel like I must have deserved it, why would anyone want to brake a person otherwise? being restainted for behavior modification is not okay. it's a cop out to abuse mentally ill people. the longest I was 4 point restrainted was for 3 days. I was not allowed to talk, get up and use the bathroom. I was forced to pee in a bed pan. I was not allowed to brush my teeth or hair. shower.

    most times when I was in the hospital I was only there 24 hrs in restaints, same rules applied.

    Like I said no one cared and no one does.

    I've been told it's my fault. to move on. let it go. reality I live in constint fear of this place. I lost all of my real friends and some family too.

    tell me, how does one deal with this? I see a counselor.. no one cares.

    I've learned life isn't fair.

  19. love this could u do a video on emotional abuse and what you can do especially if u think it's a parent but it's only when she drinks alcohol could this be emotional abuse ?

  20. Hi Kati,

    I have CP but know matter how much I try I just can't get help for it and it make me feel worse and worse. Im starting to wonder if my my CP is even real or if its legitiment enough to even be taken seriously. I want to get even more hurt so that I will need to use an assistive device and so that I will be taken more seriously. Would that be considered self harm? I would never purposely do anything to hurt myself but if I did get hurt and ended up needing an assistive device I wouldn't care and Id probably be happy. Im sorry if this didn't make any since.

  21. Hi kati, I was hit sometimes by a relative when I was a toddler and I remember some of the instances. I developed a very aggressive behaviour growing up towards family and friends and I still get easily angered and bad tempered. Could this be attributed to being hit as a toddler? X

  22. for me my physical abuse was just sever depression not PTSD or CPTSD thx for this ha bisky vid i think sever depression is more common then PTSD and CPTSD i feel that PTSD is more common then CPTSD it depends on if it was just a one time thing as well or if it was consistent

    mine was consistent and started when i was 3 and continued to ever

    i know somebody whos was a one time horrible thing so he has PTSD because it was just that one moment he sometimes relives and has to deal with just that one time

    i dont know anybody who got CPTSD from abuse that wasnt sexual so i dont know how that happens i know a lot of shit has to happen for CPTSD to be a thing though

    (i know there are probably exceptions to this but that is just what i found out from my group of friends the ones who were consistently abused only had sever depression the ones that only had a one time thing had PTSD) and i do know peoples who were sexually abused and ended up with CPTSD

  23. sever depression PTSD and CPTSD all usually have suicidal thoughts that come along with it in general i had mine since i was 7

  24. vidcon will be my escape i just wish that the vlogbrothers will get the vidcon website fixed soon or whoever they have working on it so i can finish making my schedule

  25. The video didn't provide anything new I couldn't find from tons of other sites or videos or APA sites. It did seem to invite many to share their personal experiences in the comments. Was that the intention? This is such an open platform and could make the vulnerable so much more vulnerable and subject to random and anonymous feedback….helpful OR destructive. No boundaries here.

  26. i will never understand why a women just keeps going back to a low down dog how cheats on her gets drunk and comes home feeling guilty and bashes her

  27. Question…idk if this is a mental issue but I know someone who is always reliant on someone always needing help like they can never do anything themselves and they're like 32 but still has a mind of like say a 15 year old…they just can't seem to do things for themselves like responsibly. Is there a condition like this?

  28. Hey Kati I just want to say thank you for being strong enough and informative to helping people who are going through emotional problems with your passion. You are necessary, we need you, the world needs you. Thanks again! Keep it up!

  29. I noticed you do many mental videos. But as a teenager I was wondering if you could do a video over how child abuse could be identified and stopped as a young adult living with parents.

  30. Kati, what are the similarities and differences (if there are any) between suicidal tendencies and suicidal ideations?

  31. I was… put through a lot as a kid but I would never (God willing) ever hurt anyone! Ever! I've done my best only to defend myself when needed and prevent when possible, escalating situations from getting worse when I could. I'm lost for words though… disgusted & with a propensity to recoil physically at such a horror of a thought of hurting anyone. Period. Ever. …. I'm well aware of a few possible (probable) issues…

  32. you seem very nice and easy to talk to.i have a lot of problems I would like to tell you about and any comments would be fine.i mean ill read it. I have seizures ,it cost me my job .now I'm scared to work in fear of being hospitalized ,for the the fourth time. lost my house,five vehicles ,drivers license,divorced,getting food stamps,about to receive unemployment,which is a joke.ive thought about doing a lot of unethicle things but so far I'm just hangin in there ,I'm not crazy at all I just need to get back on track somehow.i have two beautiful grand kids I cant see often enough.its a lot on my mind,may you could say something I can relate to,or make me feel a little bit better about myself. g.c.

  33. i thin I was physically abused by my younger brother dunno if that can happen. like is it normal for boys go through violent phases where they lash out. either way my parents didn't care and wonder now why I want them in my life.

  34. I dont know if this technically counts as abuse.. but when i was younger my brother used to hit me/kick me or even grab me by the throat if i didnt do what he said, I was left with bruises and once he pushed me off the sofa and i hit my elbow and broke it, I was so scared of him that i begged my parents for a lock on my room but my parents just said it was just sibling fights. Which would this be classed as??
    Its in the past but sometimes i get worried that he will end up being the same even though its been a few years since

  35. Katie my therapist says I have cptsd, anxiety, withdrawn, substance abuse later in life. I used self injury as a kid. Your right some people handle it however I've never ever done that to my DS. I have bpd & was disassociated through childhood. Walked on eggshells my whole childhood. Authority figures still at 43yo scare me. I see a child trauma therapist once a wk

  36. Well when you're black, getting beat and/or whipped (by your parents/relatives of course) is unfortunately the norm

  37. Does hair pulling count as abuse my dad is most likely emotionally abusive and has been for a while but he's started like pulling my younger sisters hair like sometimes even pulling her a couple of feet by her hair or just yanking it when she does something wrong from his eyes it's no different then a spanking but I'm not sure

  38. I'm 11, and I'm being abused by my brother- it's been happening for as long as I can remember. Even before that, my friend physically abused me when I was being babysat by her mom. Both my friend and brother are amazing people, and I don't want them to get hurt. Besides, my brother only does it randomly, like most of the time he'll be an awesome brother, but when I say or do something wrong, he hurts me, and I know it's wrong, but I can't tell anyone because he doesn't even hurt me that much-I remember the most hurt by him I ever got was when he fractured my thumb, and that was a long time ago. Besides, I was in his room and wouldn't get out. He says that he's nice, but he just snaps, and it takes him a lot to do that, which is strange because just refusing to get out of his room was enough to fracture my finger. But the thing is, some people have it so much worse than me, and I feel so ungrateful- like he's hurt me maybe 3 times so far at our rented house, which we've been in for over a month. Besides, I know how strange the situation is, I've never heard of people being abused by their brother, and it really doesn't hurt that bad, most of the time, he just kicks, or pushes me. Besides, I've gotten so used to it, it really doesn't effect me at all. I love my brother very much, and I don't want people to assume he's, like, evil, so I'm keeping it a secret. And I'm scared what will happen if I get help? Maybe all little sisters go through that, or maybe because the abuse happens so rarely, people will just blow it off? And whenever said bother's kicking me or something, and I push him off, he tells me I'm physically harming him. What if that's true? And he says I just get him to his breaking point. What if I'm real the bad guy? I'm depressed and suicidal, and currently locked myself in my room. It's better because it actually has a lock, so I don't have to press myself up against it while my brother is pounding on it, but worse because my brother sleeps in the same room as me now. FMFL.

  39. I was beaten up by my dad when I was kid. It was terrible, I remember he burnt my hair with a hair dryer. I had bruises on my arms, legs, back. I often think about hurting myself, especially these weeks. Even in sex I like when the other is a bit aggressive. Also when I had any argument with my ex GFs I really enjoyed when she hurt me by words. I felt I deserve it.
    Also I am codependent
    I learnt a lesson, my dad is a kind of "idol". He is the "idol" that I dont want to become.

  40. how do you help someone who has fallen through the cracks of the system and is stuck in an abusive situation that is going to be in it until there old enough to move out. and help siblings who have been pitted against each other get along and work it out.

  41. No living thing deserves to be abused, I am physically and verbally abused and it sucks I am 12 and I really want things to change

  42. wait wtf why should the parent go through parenting classes and family therapy if theyre found physically abusing their fucking child?? the parent should be thrown in jail for child abuse and the child shouldnt have to endure living under an abusive household anymore??? what the fuck??? why the fuck would the child have to work things through with their fucking abuser???

  43. (cultural side note nothing racist) i get sick of black people normalizing and celebrating child abuse calling it whippings. black eyes is something a child should never have.

  44. My dad abused me physically when I was younger, and it still affects me today. Those moments are burned in my memory forever.

  45. My brother is very emotional and has ptsd because of our family he's is now overprotective over his bf, and is now talking his emotions and past out on him physically now to the point where his bf tried to commit suicide, it's really scary to see this happen and not being able to help, they still want to be together and are going to therapy together but I'm scared it may get worse and that my brothers bf has Stockholm syndrome or something of the sort

  46. I know this is an older video, but I was in a physical abusive relationship. And recently I've been diagnosed with PTSD and I'm starting to become physically abusive to my partner. I need to stop but I keep snapping… I'm fighting with myself now I need help. I can't hurt my fiance, I know how it feels. I feel so guilty.

  47. What if you can't get help? Like there's no one you can talk to about it because the person who did it was a family member and they'd find out and things get worse

  48. There have been several videos that have given me strength..(yours and others) but I guess I'm a little weak. I stay in the bedroom and lock the door. I don't know what else to do. Thank you, this helps

  49. I lost a coworker to domestic violence. She left several time and threaten to harm her family so she return to him. Eventually he killed her.

  50. My dads an alcoholic and he relapsed a few weeks and I️ was angry and he held me to the ground and hit me for like a minute,also had a cut on my face that faded from him shoving something in my face. He blamed me that I️ was provoking him. Not sure if I️ should tell my school Counciler he would be mad and I️ don’t want to make it worse. I’ve had extreme anxiety ever since, this is the worst incedent that ever happened when he drank but many times he has done things like lifting me from my feet or putting me in a choke hold.

  51. What about if it's religious? I'm a Christian and I very much love my faith but growing up my dad would hit me a lot and when he did her quote the scripture 'spare the rod spoil the child'.
    He believed it was for my benefit. Corporal punishment to correct me.

    Is it still abuse if the intent is not to hurt or damage but to correct?

  52. i had a friend who emotionally abused me about a year ago and she would also punch and kick me if i didn’t do what she wanted. she did it in front of others and no one helped. i couldn’t fully leave her until i left the school. there have been friends that say that they remember her being aggressive with me. there was one day where she gripped my wrists and kicked me to the point where i had bruises. i couldn’t believe it happened at the time she was kicking me so i didn’t cry. i tried really hard to forget but i can’t. im currently trying to move on. i thought i was in the wrong constantly. she would make me carry her heavy bags for her and if i didn’t she’d ignore me for a while but still make me hold things. i feel bad for her though, she must’ve been doing that for a reason. i think i deserve it maybe because i was mean to a kid when i was younger and i feel really bad about it so maybe this was karma. maybe that sounds crazy but that’s kinda what i think. it (in addition to other things) caused me to be really depressed and hate myself (i’d try to avoid mirrors and cover my nose and starve myself) and my trichotillomania (which i had before) got really bad. i’m not sure what to do now but it still affects me. i’ve never really told my parents because i’m scared they will say i’m “weird” like they’ve done before when i’ve been really anxious and once when i had a panic attack. any advice?

  53. i’ve always been hit SO much by my mum. to the point where i had bruises and my skin turned red. now she stopped because i stood up for myself. i think now i get verbally abused? can someone please give me examples of verbal abuse?

  54. I think the most significant physical abuse I experienced was around the ages of 3~5. I don't remember much of it though. I remember a few things like seeing my mom being beaten, and another time me being kicked and unable to breathe. I know about other things via what my mom knows, and what I told my grandmother as a child (I reported the abuse to her, but I don't remember that conversation now.) I have clinical depression and there's always this inner voice that says to me, "If you were abused so badly, then why don't you even remember most of it? Other people were abused, not you. Even if you were abused, so what?" I don't know what to think. I feel like the abuse and invalidation I experienced throughout my life had to have impacted me a lot. I was diagnosed as having BPD a couple years ago. I lived for 26 years and never once considered myself as someone who dealt with abuse, even though I knew I was I just dismissed it as being trivial. I'm 27 now.

  55. I never reported abuse because I assumed that no one would care enough to help, so reporting would make everything worse by angering family and nothing positive would be gained.

  56. I had phisicsl abuse today it happened 10 minuites and it hurts i sware i am calling to police or telling me school ans i do not know what to do

  57. My stepmother abuses my two younger brothers and my older sister. I wanna call someone but I'm too scared that if I get involved that she's gonna start abusing me. Also my dad has no idea that is happening and my stepmother gives other excuses about the scars they have. Apparently my little brother told me that she was strangling him and that my older sister tried to stop her but she got hurt. Idk what to do. 🙁

  58. I'm 15 and ever since I started living with my dad, I've been physically and emotionally abused. I get beat on for the simplest if mistakes and I'm tired of it. A couple minutes ago I was being beaten for playing video games. My father always tell me negative stuff about myself. He always say stuff like I suck at this and I won't make it in life if I keep doing it or I'm a burden and I should get rid of myself. I have a lot of scars on my body and a lot of bruises given to me by him and I just can't deal with this NO MORE!!!😣😭

  59. my son who is 28 just beat me up again and said I'd never see my grand children again. their 5 3 and 3 weeks. he's done this several times. I have no way of stopping him. yes I know I don't have to see him but then I don't see my grandbabies. I can't find anything about adult children who abuse their parents

  60. Its hard for a doctor to address what really it feels like to be hit & for the other side ready to do it again.

  61. Does anyone know if fights with a sibling can be physical abuse? I’m a girl and my older brother use to beat me up so bad and bully me all the time growing up. But my mom said it’s not abuse because I fought back. The last time we fought he pinned me down on the ground retraining my arms and sat on top of me while yelling “you’re an f*** stupid b** “. He would punch me in my stomach, slap me, while I’m on the floor kicks me until I’m out of breath. I subsequently went into a panic attack. This happened when no one was home and I feel he intentionally waited until no one was home so he can do that to me. I cry remembering this, it’s so sad because I thought brothers are suppose to protect their sisters. Sigh. I got ptsd symptoms from it because if my gf or anyone is on top of me I freak the f out so bad. I get an uncontrollable fit. But what hurts me even more is that my parents say they think it’s just sibling rivalry. Back then I had A lot of issues, at one point my life was collapsing in every aspect. And the physical abuse got so bad it triggered me to attempt suicide. Sometime after this we had another fight where he told me that I should’ve died when I tried to kill myself. He said he would kill me himself but doesn’t want my blood on his hands. His words made me tremble in fear. I’m really upset that even though the abuse drove me to try to kill myself my parents still don’t take me seriously. He acts innocent and quiet and shows no one his bad side. I think he gets some pleasure beating me. And most times to the point I get black and blue marks. My parents not believing me makes me feel incredibly helpless and disappointed. The only thing I can do is to avoid him completely which I do. But I bought pepper spray just in case it happens again. I usually don’t have space in my heart for hatred, but god damn i hate him so much I could write a book about it.

  62. How do I get out without losing everything. 🙁 I know it seems silly but when you're in this situation.. I don't want to lose my cat or the things I have worked so hard for. And I'll feel guilty for "leaving him in a lurch".

  63. I want to know how to deal with the trauma of being abused at the age of five by a family member.

    Why would this make me more likely to be addicted to pornography?

  64. I was wondering if you or anyone else has any advice or thoughts about how someone can heal from physical abuse if their abuser(s) is/are no longer living, especially if they died before any healing has begun.

  65. The black community normalizes abusive relationships too much especially when it comes to parents abusing children, toxic femininity does exist bad mothers don't get criticized for their atrocious behavior.

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