What is Health Research? Free Online Course

Health research is about all of us, it asks the most important health questions that you or someone you know might face and seeks to answer them so that
new treatments and care can be created and it wouldn’t be possible without
people like you taking part in research or even helping to create research. This course takes you into the world of
health research, where you will gain an understanding of how it all works and
meet the people who are involved, so that you can decide whether
you want to get involved. You’ll learn what to expect if you do take part and meet people who will tell you why they did it. You’ll learn how steps are made to keep you and
your data safe and how you’ll be kept well informed and able to ask all those
questions that are important to you. You’ll learn how health research helps
to save lives and how to find out about research that’s happening near you. Join this course and find out how
health research can be an option for you.

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