What Are Your Goals for 2016?

Most people set their goals at the start of the year, but as Games athletes, we have our goals ready as soon as the last Games finishes. I knew what my goals were for 2016 as soon as the Games were done. Get better—physically, mentally—and make it to the CrossFit Games. My goals for 2016 are to be back at the Games as an individual. My goal for 2016 is to be on the podium. Trying to get back on the podium and fix my weakness. Not to make the same mistakes I made this year. To make it to the podium next year. I’m going to be more hungry than ever. I’d love to be able to make it back to the Games in 2016—it would be fantastic. My goal for 2016 is for CrossFit Mayhem Freedom to win the CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup. Any competition that I enter, I want to try to win. I’m a sore loser. I know I surprised everyone this year at the Games. Next year I’m going to be coming back and doing it again. My goal is to get back to the 2016 Games and to be within top 10 again. My goal is to try and win the CrossFit Games. I will never, ever change that. My goals for the year 2016 is, of course, to try to win the Games. My goal is to win the CrossFit Games. So I’ve come out and said it and I put it on social media right after the Games and that’s what I’m working for for this year. I’m always looking to be on the podium, to win the Games, I think I have the potential to do it. So I’m looking to do my best, be my best, be a great athlete and see where that puts me. And of course you want to stand on the podium but, again, you’ve got to look at the big picture—you want to make it to the Games. Standing on top of the podium is icing on the cake.

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