We’ve put off running Ethernet for too long…

We’ve put off running Ethernet for too long…

Are you tired of wires running
across your floor, causing fatal accidents, and racking up
those medical bills? Hi, we’re Evan and Katelyn And you’re gonna love this. (Hammer banging)
DIY (exploding bomb)
Ethernet Cable Installation Through your walls. KATELYN: It’s budget friendly, (whimsical chimes)
just takes a few hours, and it’s a modern,
stylish solution. It saved my marriage. (whimsical chimes) KATELYN: Forget
paying a professional, this job is fun for
the whole family. Start now! And you’ll enjoy a lifetime
of convenience and luxury. Seems easy enough. NARRATOR: Two years later. So do you guys ever have, like a temporary solution
you put into place and you think soon,
soon I’m gonna fix that. Well we did that
with our home office when we ran ethernet into it, because we needed that
high speed connection but we just didn’t have
the time to do it right. And I don’t know why it’s
taken us two years though, to get it right. I know why (laughs). Why is that? ‘Cause we have to
go into the attic. (dark bells) (laughing) Like.
(snorting) What do I do with my hand? We even bought supplies
for this project, but it was so long ago, that we have since lost them, so we gotta go
back to the store, thankfully Lowe’s is
sponsoring this video. So, thank you Lowe’s. Let’s go get what we need. Again. (laughing) (cool music) (clattering)
(laughs) (funky music) (laughs) All right, so
welcome to our attic. This is like the
worst place ever to film in, but
strangely enough, it’s very nostalgic for
our home DIY efforts. The very first project
we ever did in the house, was this bridge! KATELYN: Smile! (banging) To go over our duct
because we kept on crushing it since it’s
very thin sheet metal. And then, the time we
almost flooded our house, that’s down there. In the depths. (sawing metal) somewhere back there. KATELYN: Yeah. Uh, there’s still water. EVAN: Oh, memories. KATELYN: And then we blew
all of this insulation that’s everywhere, making it, it’s now kinda hard
to know where to step. (insulation blower hum) So, this cable right here, this is our, cable
cable (laughs). And this goes down right where we want our ethernet to go. So, we’re gonna dig down here, find where that goes. KATELYN: It’s kind of scary. All right, I found it.
(ding ding) KATELYN: Oh, okay cool,
yeah, yeah I see it. The orange, yeah well
it’s, the spray foam. KATELYN: I still have
spray foam on my pants from when we sprayed
that spray foam. (laughs) Oh, man, I’m
so sweaty already. I know, me too.
Why, why did we do this in the middle of summer? KATELYN: We always
do our attic projects in the middle of the summer. So, we need to
drill another hole right there next to this. And run two ethernet
cables up from below. Which means I’m
going to have to undo Katelyn’s hard work of
No! Oh no, I’ll just fold it back. Okay, good.
There we go. KATELYN: I stapled
up those bats. (Evan laughs)
Battings? Bats. Should we get the drill? (drill whizzing)
(dramatic music) Oh that’s a little wobbly. (laughs) (drill whizzing) Hoo! That is quite deep. (drill whirring) Yeah!
Woo! KATELYN: So now we
gotta feed this little fishing tool down all
the way through the wall. Hope we don’t hit anything. We don’t really know what else is in this wall. You can push and pull
this a lot easier than you can,
like, floppy cable. We could just– (metal tapping) All right, should be
all the way down there. (classical music) So this is the cable
we found up there that we’re going to run
the new one parallel to. This is a really old plate, so we’re just going
to replace it. EVAN: (Laughs) Wait. The heck? EVAN: Where’s the box? It’s just a hole in the wall! There’s no box. (laughing) EVAN: All right, let’s fix
that while we’re at it. (laughing) KATELYN: Why is this so sticky? Uh oh.
Oh! The reason this hole probably isn’t cut right is ’cause
the contractors working on this house didn’t have a Dremel Multi-Max 50. (rock music) EVAN: (laughing) Is it heavy? No, I’m just, exuberant. (Evan laughs) So this is newest
toy from Lowe’s. It’s super versatile,
multi tool. It can cut things,
it can sand things. It can scrape things,
it can grind things. We are going to use it
for cutting dry wall. That was like,
Zoom in on my face again? EVAN: (laughing)
Yeah, I also thought that you’d turn it
on, but (laughs) How, it’s not plugged in. (Evan laughs) (buzzing) (they laugh) (rock music) (buzzes) EVAN: Nice! KATELYN: There we go. Got it back, okay, second one. (crashing)
(laughing) Oh hey, look, here’s our thing. There we go. EVAN: Now, we just
gotta attach these, oh. (crashing) To that.
To this. KATELYN: I bet we can
pull that back up. EVAN: Yeah, here,
you can stay here and I’ll, like, yank it up and it should just Okay.
disappear. EVAN: Ready? KATELYN: Ready. Oh, there it goes. Are you already stuck? Here. EVAN: I’m already stuck. KATELYN: Let me help. Okay, is that better? EVAN: Ah, that’s better. KATELYN: I need to give
you some more slack. (crunching) Oh, you’re coming back out. Okay, still good up there? Hello? EVAN: Hey, I got it! KATELYN: Yay! Yay! First part done. KATELYN: Awesome, okay,
now the daunting task of finding where to
put down the other one. ‘Cause we don’t have a
starting point this time. Gotta dig! (upbeat music) All right, so we took
some measurements inside and we’re
trying to match them to things in the attic, so over there, is
our first cable. Then we’re going to
go down on that side. The next cable is
underneath here, I believe. So, we’re going to
have to go ahead and pull up this
plywood panel right here and hopefully, we
measured right. (laughing) KATELYN: Okay, let’s do it. Ready right there? KATELYN: Yeah. (hammering) (8-bit music) EVAN: Oops. Cut that one, cut that one! Are we close yet? Still a few more. (clicks) ♪ It’s so sweaty ♪ ♪ oh so sweaty ♪ KATELYN: It’s so sweaty
and wetty, And hot! KATELYN: Please be the wall! My guess is that it’s right here! (horns)
Yay! KATELYN: Yay, wow! (laughing) Just like we planned. Wanna see something crazy? KATELYN: Yeah? I haven’t tanned. (laughs) KATELYN: Oh my God. EVAN: There’s such
a color difference. KATELYN: You’re pretty gross. (laughing) All right, let’s get drilling. (whirs) Oh, That one’s deep. Oh. KATELYN: Woo! EVAN: Yeah, look at that hole. KATELYN: That’s a big hole! All right, one more hole to go. KATELYN: Yeah, to the left. You’re going to
have to get up here. (tense music) KATELYN: Ah, okay, um. EVAN: All that’s safe. KATELYN: Not right here! EVAN: Going forward.
KATELYN: Okay, go for it. (drilling) Oh boy!
Oh boy! EVAN: That is tough. Yeah! KATELYN: Yeah, yeah. Now we just gotta feed
’em through again. I think I’m dripping on myself. KATELYN: I’m dripping
on myself, too. Can you see this? All right, I’m gonna try out a new little attachment
thing, the jab saw! KATELYN: Jab jab! EVAN: Oh, there’s
insulation on that. KATELYN: Oh, ’cause we’re
on an exterior wall. That’s gonna be
kinda a pain, right? Running on our
side of insulation. What do ya think?
It should be fine. KATELYN: You think that works? EVAN: All right,
so here’s our desk and here’s where
we need a new hole! I just (laughing) I
just ripped my pants. EVAN: (laughing) you
done ripped your pants? They’re really old pants! KATELYN: (slowed voice)
I still have spray foam on my pants from when we
sprayed that spray foam. They’re really old pants! It’s a really big hole. (laughing) Don’t look! My butt! (laughing) EVAN: (laughing) All
right, well go ahead and start cuttin’. I was like, what happened,
you just had this look on your face. (laughing) I felt it! (they laugh) Okay, well, it is what it is. I don’t need fully functional
pants for this job. (buzzing) (cracking) (pop) (laughing) Hey, this is the final hole. EVAN: Yay! Yeah!
Now we just have to go into the
attic again, and… No! EVAN: finish running
all the wires. (laughing) KATELYN: Don’t look. (Evan laughs) EVAN: Ladies first! (laughing) Oh god, I’m so, I
have so many things on my face. What’s connected to what? Okay, what we’re
going to do next is run this cable
along the beams and secure it with
these little tacks so that it’s up
and out of the way. But, we have quite a ways to go. So, see you in like 20 minutes. That’s optimistic. (Evan laughs) C’mon you. Get on the left. (hammering) (upbeat music) We’re about to run our ethernet through one of our office
holes that we drilled. We’re also going to run HDMI because we have
second HDMI wire, along with our ethernet wire, running across the office and
if we’re going to fix one, we have to fix the other,
otherwise, what’s the point? EVAN: (laughing)
What’s the point? Yeah. All right, hopefully
these both fit. I know. Is that hole big enough? Oh my gosh, barely, okay. EVAN: Just barely,
just like I planned. Little bit of duct tape magic. KATELYN: You look
like a cool bandit. Argh! KATELYN: That’s a pirate. What noise does a bandit make? KATELYN: Uh, stick ’em up! Ah!
No, you’re the bandit. Oh. (laughing) KATELYN: You’re a
terrible bandit. Now, the main trick is gonna be somehow getting this, oh wait, no, this one didn’t
have any insulation, right? KATELYN: No this one’s good. This one’s good, yay! KATELYN: Yeah, this is the one with the insulation,
that exterior wall. All right, well
maybe if that one will run it, oh no there’s
no way you can run it up, ’cause, it’d have to
hit that tiny hole. KATELYN: Yeah, we’ll worry
about that when we get there. All right, let’s try this first. (upbeat music) KATELYN: Okay, I’m down here. (light upbeat music)
Oh, I see it, I see it! Here stop. There’s too much, can
you pull it up a hair? EVAN: What? KATELYN: Oh, God. Okay, I grabbed it. EVAN: Yay! KATELYN: I’m just trying
to get the end of it. EVAN: What’s that? KATELYN: I’m trying to
push it up a little bit. EVAN: Push up? KATELYN: I’m trying to, yeah I’m trying to, ow. EVAN: Oh nice, I got it! KATELYN: Wait,
what are you doing? Okay, stop. EVAN: Up? KATELYN: Just hold on. EVAN: Pull? KATELYN: Hold on! EVAN: (laughing) Okay. KATELYN: Okay, so,
third and final run. We’re gonna run down just
the fishing tool first, to see if we have a clear
path to our opening. This is a little tricky, ’cause this is an exterior wall. Yeah, and we’re also
worried that, like, we drilled it on the
wrong side of the stud. KATELYN: I’m going to reach in and see if I can feel it. Oh God. I think it’s on the wrong side. (clanking) (whirs) All righty, we are through! KATELYN: Please work! I got insulation this time, so. KATELYN: What do you
mean you got insulation? Stuck on the bit, so we’re
in insulation somewhere. KATELYN: Is that, is
that good, or bad? I don’t know. (laughing) KATELYN: Let’s try this again. I’m going in. Makes me really uncomfortable. It sounds high. Okay, oh, wa-wa-wait! Wa-wa-wait! Ah! Oh my, god, oh my, god. Okay, uh, I’m going to attach
a rope to the end of this. All right, pull ‘er up! (upbeat music) I think I caught something! KATELYN: Looks like a big one. Oh yeah, yeah, is
this how you fish? All right, I think it’s
ready to go back down. KATELYN: Ugh, I’m so ready
to be done with this, how many times have I crawled up and down these stairs? Okay. EVAN: All right, go for it. Oh yeah, yeah! EVAN: All right, you’re good. It’s been a while
since I did this. KATELYN: Feel like
you’re defusing a bomb. Yeah, don’t cut the blue wire. KATELYN: The whole
thing is the blue wire. (Stressful music)
(laughing) and you already cut it!
And I already cut it! (explosion) Stripy, solid, stripy,
orange, solid, stripy. KATELYN: I thought you said
you’ve done this before? Mhmm, I was tryin’ to
impress you. (laughing) Now that these are in place, it’s time to punch it. All right. (punch) Go head ahead and punch it? (punch) Pushing it in.
Into the slot. EVAN: Oh, You just need
to be more aggressive. (punch) KATELYN: Is he
doing an okay job? EVAN: Does the
Supurrvisor approve? Ya ready for this? KATELYN: Oh, this
is the next one? Ah! KATELYN: HDMI is a lot easier. Ah, ah-haha. (fake crying) KATELYN: We so fancy. (clap clap) MULTIPLE KIDS: Yay! So our house might
still be a mess, I might still be in the pants with the giant hole in the butt, but, (laughing) (clapping) now is the moment, where
all of our hard work pays off. Liberation! Oh, it’s kinda stuck. Don’t steal my moment. (pops) Ha! Okay, let’s get rid of this. (successful music) Done! With this wire. Oh, I gotta unplug
it, okay, hold on. (Evan laughs) I don’t know why I just
don’t take off these pants. (pops)
Yes! It is done! EVAN: Victorious moment. Victorious moment! EVAN: Throw it on the ground. No, we got it off the ground, that’s the victory. We’re not going to put
it back on the ground. EVAN: Throw it on the ground! (clatters)
(laughing) (clicking) KATELYN: I know
this may not seem like a big deal, but that
fact that this hallway and our office floor are free
of cables going across them, is pretty dang awesome. Cheers.
Cheers. To a job well done, even though no one but us
will know that it is there. (laughing) You know, that’s the
thing about, like, a lot of house projects. Sometimes, it’s just
behind the scene stuff and when you’re done,
you’re like well, things just look not wrong now. You know?
Yup, yup. It’s a lot of time and effort, but, I think, it’s
one of those things that we’re gonna really
enjoy for a long time. Thanks again to Lowe’s
for making this possible and we’ll see you next time! Bye
Bye! We should play games after this. Oh yeah, if you haven’t
discovered it already, we have a gaming channel. YouTube.com/EvanAndKatelynGaming And we play games on
twitch.tv/EvanAndKatelyn. So, wait how’d we get to games? Oh, yeah ’cause our
office is set up again! Yeah, I tried to like lead
you right into that segway. EVAN: See, my. My coveralls fit
perfectly on you. Hi, we’re Evan and Katelyn. And you’re gonna
(laughing) I can’t, I can’t Love this. (laughing) Love, love! Hi, sorry (laughing). And you’re gonna love this. I lost it, I lost it! (fart noise) You just gonna fart on me
the whole time? (fart noise) Stop farting on me. (fart noises) (laughing) (writing scratching) EVAN: I went for
a nice gentle one and you just went for it!

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