5 amazing transformations gym
2 The changes do not happen overnight
in the morning. They take hours and hours of training,
eat well, they put their health above all. There is no easy way when making changes
for life, but perseverance and determination are fundamental. Whether you’re fighting some
health problems in a losing battle up to lose fat, or you have reached
the top on the way to your goals, but these people prove that when you decide
to change, nothing can stop them. 1) When you are young is very easy gait
party, but it can not always be a good thing health, and when it leaves its aftermath
changes may occur in people, as It is the case of this guy named zac Aynsley
That in 2011 VAT partied, and and I had the dream of becoming a DJ
He took every drinking party, but after a few months wear this style
the way of life bill, and that was when decided to change, and go he did, because
from 2012 to present its change physicist has been amazing, appearing in
several major magazines and posing multiple photographers, a drastic change. 2) Jesse Shand, the amazing man who lost
150 kilos in two years Shand was 26 when he weighed 317 kilos, therefore,
that state would not allow him homebound and he plunged into a spiral of thoughts
negative, Jesse spent his days playing video games and surfing the Internet. He did not see nothing positive in his
life because in his own words he was in a state of negative all the time
However, it was precisely this’ stage gray ” which motivated him, somehow or other
way to regain control of his life and do something for their health. It was thus enrolled in a web of
bodybuilding, and there was more pure in effort to achieve weight 150 kilos that
they weighed a happier state of his life. 3) Jade Socoby’s this girl in 2013 decided
change your life for one where your health and appearance changed for the better, because until
that time weighed 145 kilograms jade, when They began their training with few thought
I would make for her in the past and others had abandoned training plans
and diets, so in the beginning only had their desire to improve their appearance and it was
then 3 years later he became a professional weight lifter, it has been
something she has accepted fact more to improve your body, it is now much
most sociable and live life with more joy. 4) Michael Lee a US military ex-
He recalls how was your route before processing physical, consuming too much unhealthy food
and almost did not participate in any activity sports, but when in July 2010
moved to Colorado thought of something that would change all asisitió to a water park and take
a photo a family member, he realized that his life had to change, because as
Army veteran and father of three children I had to maintain good health, and from
then he has not stopped despite difiultades 5) Yalanda Baldon from young always felt
retracted by the way, she wore thick glasses apart from being corpulent, this made her feel
very insecure, but that was not the case his sister, who always try to help
to improve, but it was not until 2004 that his life began to change, starting because
I moved from boston to las vegas nevada, and watching I was a single mother with a weight of 123
kilos and 24 years old with some problems health, took the decision to change to
well, now with 29 years is a bodybuilder that does not weigh more than 60 kilos, all this
It has become a big improvement for her, that now feels more prepared to follow
facing life. 6) Drew Manning. This man dedicated to coaching
gym, undertook some time ago the project “Fit2Fat2Fit” with which,
He showed people how easy or difficult which can be gaining or losing weight, getting
himself as an example. Drew increased 30 kilos of weight in just
six months, which managed to leave the gym and a diet of junk food,
fast food and soft drinks. To achieve the goal, Manning again
He was subjected to a balanced diet and in just seven months and thanks to exercise,
She regained her figure

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