TRAILER: The Rogue Legends Series – Chapter 4: Sandwina / 8K

When we talk about people as legends we have mythic legends from the distant past. Babe Ruth is clearly a legend in baseball. And in our own field, in strength, whether it’s weightlifting,
powerlifting, bodybuilding as we go forward we discover that there are
people whose stories transcend their time. I think in Sandwina’s case she is clearly the most significant woman figure from the past. Katie was normally advertised as the strongest and most beautiful woman on earth. When she was young, all accounts are is that she very quickly was stronger than the boys her age, and stronger than young men her age. And the more she trained the stronger
she got. She’s not faking it. She is actually lifting two guys. So the story that introduced me to Katie Sandwina was at her size, she would actually, you know, pick her husband up and press him overhead. And besides the fact that’s just cool trying to maximize overhead presses is one of the things
that I’m constantly trying to work on and having this conversation of like
what’s really possible. Can a woman do a body weight or above dumbbell press? Because of what she did that kind of set a marker that that was possible. Her son, Teddy a big man weighed over 200 pounds. There’s a wonderful photograph of her
holding him over her head with one hand no tricks, and it seemed to have been casually done. At a certain point, she and Max, bought a bar and restaurant in Queens. Max did the cooking at the restaurant and Katie tended the bar. She was also supposedly the bouncer. She would sort of pick up some small guy and throw him outside if there was trouble. There’s a beauty in strength. And there is a beauty in being able to express yourself as who you are. And Sandwina if she emphasized that part of her
character and that part of her appearance then instead of people turning away in
horror they would actually start to respect her. And her multiple achievements in the circus demonstrating her strength over this long, long period of years makes her, I think, a figure who really does reserve our respect and our admiration and I also think she’s kind of a great role model for us. She was indeed one of life’s true wonders.

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