TRAILER: The Rogue Legends Series – Chapter 2: Louis “Apollon” Uni / 8K

TRAILER: The Rogue Legends Series – Chapter 2: Louis “Apollon” Uni  /  8K

There were two athletes in particular that Desbonnet thought were truly singular. That sort of were physically more impressive. They had greater strength. They rose above everyone else and that was Louis Cyr the great Canadian and then of course Louis Uni who was known professionally as Apollon, from France. He worked as a boy lifting bags of sea salt. Sometimes weighing up a couple hundred pounds. When you’d see him lift things so easily that no one else could lift at all, then you have to say what could he do. He became the person to beat. He was just so damn big and moved so well. His forearms came within just a whisker of being 20 inches themselves. He had kind of everything for that game the big hands the massive forearms the height the weight and an apparently truly incredible strength. One of the things he did no one ever matched he commonly took four 20 kilo block weights and put them together. So I mean this is 175 – 180 pounds. He could snatch it to arm’s length with one hand. No one back then could begin to match him. Their heads were reeling, they couldn’t believe that anyone could actually do all this stuff. He lifted it supposedly at all of his shows. In Apollon’s case he has a a fairly good career. He’s apparently not driven by money though. He doesn’t always seem to extend himself. But then he has a very bad injury. He was one of the people who showed humanity what a noble human machine could do.

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  1. Apollon is one of my favorite historical strength athletes. Unfortunately he has always been one of the least heard of here in the states. Thanks for making a video on him. 👍

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