TMCC Names Fitness Center for President Sheehan

Good afternoon everybody. This wonderful
celebration for naming the TMCC fitness center in honor of the eighth president of TMCC, Dr. Maria Sheehan, who retired last December. My name is Kyle Dalpe
I’m currently the acting president at TMCC. Beginning June 15th we will have a new
president. which allows me to get back to the fitness center.When it was recommended that the fitness center be named for Dr. Sheehan, faculty, staff and students alike
were delighted. She believes strongly in health and wellness. During the last
legislative session when the wellness benefit was cut, Dr Sheehan responded by
making a very generous donation to a wellness initiative at the college. The
newly-created wellness initiative is going strong as we just celebrated some
awards up in the upstairs earlier. Participants won some pretty cool
prizes including a certificate to the Atlantis spa. I should have participated. And if that isn’t incentive, we don’t know what is. Dr. Sheehan, you are a model of health and fitness
yourself. You believe in eating healthy and exercising regularly. Despite a very busy
schedule as president you would set aside time to work out. It not only help her
physically but also with the stress as president. Which is something I learned
from you. On behalf of the factuly and the staff and students at TMCC, we’re proud
of this naming since it exemplifies Dr. Sheehan’s commitment to
health and wellness and will carry on her legacy as TMCC’s eighth president. It will
also pay tribute to the many accomplishments of her leadership for TMCC in the past
eight years. Now without further ado we’d like to reveal of the new sign of
the fitness center.Thank you for coming. I never thought I would want to have something named in my honor. But when this was announced at the farewell in December, I was positively thrilled. I am so excited about the Wellness Initiative. Of the employees, for the employees. The best kind of program is one you initiate yourselves. The progress that has been made is amazing. I loved hearing what the teams were doing. I thank you all for being here today, and for investing in the most precious gift we have, and that is our own health and wellness. I want to thank my husband who is taking time out of his day to be here. Thank you Ron.It’s hard. I heard from so many people, “I couldn’t get away, it’s the middle of the day.” And so I know they are here in spirit, which I appreciate. I see the smoothies have arrived, so I’ll conclude, Thank you so very much.

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