The Muscle Snatch

All right, third step we’re going to go is a muscle snatch. We call it a muscle snatch because rather than pulling under the bar, we’re pulling the bar up. Some great things for the beginner first learning this is they learn proper bar path. For the intermediate/advanced lifter, they’re working on strengthening their turnover, strengthening the third pull, which is the pull under. If we develop it here as a strength movement rather than a skill or speed movement like it is in the full lift, we give ourselves more strength there to be faster pulling under, and more stable when we turn over. This is what it looks like, I’ll go slow motion first. Always going to start with my down and finish, your dip and drive, down, finish, shrug, elbows high and outside, then I’m going to turn it over. If I had a baseball cap on, I’d knock that cap off it’s staying so close to my to my body, I’m going to turn over and punch up into active shoulder frontal plane. Notice it’s bar close and it’s not loop into that place, it’s turn over and punch up. What else have I done? I’ve lost my hook grip as I turn that over, as well. You don’t need the hook grip with the bar over your head. In Olympic lifting, you only need the hook grip when the barbell is below your shoulders, so when we receive the clean, when we receive the snatch, we can flip that out. Here’s what it looks like at speed. Down and finish, elbows high and outside, turn it over, punch up. I reengage the hook grip as I bring it back down. You’ll develop a skill with that PVC pipe real easy, barbell is a little bit more complicated but after some practice, it’s easy. Right there, back down. So this is building strong turnover. “Strong turnover” is what you guys are going to shout out each time. Ready, go!

Class: Strong turnover. Back down. And, go!

Class: Strong turnover. Back down, one more. And, go! Class: Strong turnover.

Nice job.

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