Richard Wolff on the Growth of Wages Vs Housing, Education, and Health

Here’s what he did, a simple exercise but boy does it tell a lot. He asked how much has the median income of an American family changed over the last thirty years counting from 1987 to 2017, a nice period of 30 years we can look at. And he said, I want to see how […]

Economic Update: Capitalism and Mental Health

Welcome, friends, to another edition of Economic Update, a weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives: jobs, incomes, debts. I’m your host, Richard Wolff. I want to begin today’s program to talk to you about the Koch Foods company – that’s right, Koch, as in the Koch brothers – one of their […]

Stories Inc – Running Backwards for a Story

I think in our industry constantly improving is a must. You can’t shoot a video that you’re happy with and then just keep doing the same thing over and over. We were in Northbrook Illinois for a shoot and the particular client wanted to have personal elements to the stories and in this case one […]

Elsword basic guide – where to find stamina potion

“My stamina is ran out and I want to play more help me!” ‘”where can I find the stamina potion?” well,I can show you da wae theses are heroes coins you can exchange them with Ariel for stamina potion but you’ll need some luck (don’t hope for +8 it’s a lie) there now for the […]

Various ways of fitting stainless pipes . TIG Welding . Steel sheet . iron plate . Stick . bridge .

Various ways of fitting stainless pipes. Hello. Today I made a video about various ways of fitting stainless pipes. I would appreciate it if you press “Subscribe” and “Like”. Instagram @ weldhagojibi When welding stainless pipe, argon gas or nitrogen gas should be injected into the pipe. The reason is to remove all the oxygen […]

육회국수 낙지탕탕이 리얼사운드먹방/RAW BEEF NOODLES & LIVE OCTOPUS! EXOTIC KOREAN FOOD SteakTartare Mukbang Eating

It’s dangerous beyond the blankets… (carefully move the live octopus) Startled…. (Let go of me..) Thinly cut raw beef! I’ve been waiting for today… Hi, everyone! Today’s menu is ★Raw Beef Noodles★ What an exotic Korean food! The fresh beef was cut off as long as possible! Also, I prepared 3 live Octopuses! Then make […]

Watermelon Benefits For Men: Treat Erectile Dysfunction, Build Stamina & Immunity

Health Benefits of Watermelon for men. Watermelon is a healthy source of nutrients for everyone including men. Some of the health advantages of consuming watermelon for men are. � Remedy for erectile dysfunction. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction and infertility can remedy the situation by consuming watermelon. The presence of an amino acid (citrulline) in […]

Project podcast | Coastal living linked with better mental health

You’re with BBC Radio Kent thank you for your company and for your beautiful calls about living by the sea I’ll introduce you to Jo Garrett, Dr Garrett is a postdoctoral research associate in coastal environments and human wellbeing at the University of Exeter and she led the study that we’ve been talking about this […]

Innofactor & HUS — Health Village

With Health Village’s digital treatment paths, – we offer patients a chance to – learn about their illness whenever it suits them – and access the exact amount of information they want. We also offer patients a chance to contact – our professionals and ask about things they want to know more about. The most […]

How to use the basic functions of abyx fit touch.

How to use the basic functions of the ABYX FIT TOUCH You can start to record exercise sessions from the watch by tapping the screen of the ABYX FIT TOUCH until you get to the “Training” screen, Long press to enter the menu. Now tap the screen to switch through the different sport activities. Long […]