Nuffield Health Gyms – Specialists in You – 2020 Advert

Welcome to a gym built around you, where health and fitness go hand in hand. You get regular Health MOTs to create a plan that works for you. With pools and specialist support on site like physios and personal trainers who aren’t scary. You’ll find a wide range of equipment and classes that are built […]

Did CEO Kim’s secretary run away…? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.22]

(Last 2020 S/S Fashion Week) (About 126,000 pieces of paper) (Miss Gee’s passion-filled show) – Miss Gee’s show from last time. / – It was a success. It was so nice. (Inquiries about the music flooded in) They’re asking about the music. – What was it? / – The music from the show. – You […]

Woman on the Run (1950) [Film Noir] [Crime]

I give it to you without the hoopla, Danny Boy, the simple facts of life. I’m sitting on a crossfire, with the cops on one side, Smiley Freeman on the other, and the both of them gunning for me. So, I’m the guy who knows that you’re the one who took the 20 grand from […]

NEFFEX – Fight Back [Official Video]

you’re never gonna make it your not good enough there’s a million other people with the same stuff you really think your different man you must be kidding think your gonna hit it but you just don’t get it it’s impossible it’s not probable your irresponsible too many obstacles you gotta stop it yo you […]

How To Increase Running Stamina And Speed 15 Tips To Increase Running Speed And Stamina

welcome to back do you often dream of running and completing a marathon Oh hop and puff and feel your heart pounding after running half a mile then you need to work on your stamina and muscle endurance it comes with practice and a few tricks in this video I have showed 15 ways to […]

OSFM Cloth Nappy Fitting on Newborn Baby 3.6kg approx.

– Hi everybody, Ann from Little Aussie Monster. We’re here today to run you through putting a nappy onto a newborn-sized setting, a newborn-sized baby as well. So we’ve got a little customer here and she is around about 3.6 kilos and getting to that stage of just being able to fit. So we’re gonna […]

Fit and Fill tool in FCPX

Fit and Fill tool if you take some portion from library and if you want to fit into the primary timeline like this when you drag and drop the clips from there and put it inside the primary timeline if you release the mouse button it will ask you these options and if you select […]

[HOT] BTS – RUN, 방탄소년단 – 런, Show Music core 20151205

You’re my sun, one and only in this world I bloom for you, but you make me thirsty Its too late, too late I can’t live without you Even if I’m drying out, I try harder to reach you But it’s no use, It’s dream to be broken I run and run, but I’m not […]

Fitting the Bridle to Your Horse: Meredith Manor’s Tip of the Week

Welcome to Meredith Manor’s Tip of the Week. Today’s episode: bridles and how they should fit your horse. Hi, I’m Sam, an instructor at Meredith Manor, and today we’re going to talk about fitting the three styles of bridles that we use here. I’m going to use my beautiful assistant Abigail in showing you, first, […]