Gender Affirming Surgery: Considerations for Vaginoplasty | UCLA Gender Health

Hello my name is Gladys Ng. I’m a reconstructive urologist here at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and today we’re going to talk about genital gender affirming surgery specifically vaginoplasty transition from male to female some considerations before and after surgery as well as the surgery itself so some of some of […]

The Truth About Canadian Healthcare

Why can’t America’s healthcare system be more like Canada’s? Here’s what most people who ask that question think they know about Canadian-style healthcare: 1. Everybody gets covered. 2. It’s free. 3. It’s great. Number one is true. Everybody is covered. Number two is false. Nothing is free. Canadians pay for their insurance through their taxes. […]

Ballin’ with Boss, Jimmy Kimmel, and Kevin Hart

Wow, another amazing episode of “What the Fit.” Uh, listen, I’ll be honest with you. Me and Jimmy came, we tried our best, you know? Hey, look, this is day one for me, and you’re getting out here, so we’re gonna use this as a stepping stone – to get better, okay? – Okay. – […]

How To Train For Running Using Hills | Uphill Run Training Explained

(upbeat music) – Hills love them or hate them, they can be a great training tool. And if they’re in a race, well, you’ve got no of avoiding them. So today, we’re going to be covering how best to get up hills of varying gradients, and how to incorporate them in your training to overall […]

[ENG CC] SF9 Stamina king challenge – Indoor episode

subs by 멍멍이 do not take out [Stamina king] Indoor Episode Let’s greet! 2, 3. To be sensation, hello we are SF9 [Kung! (Clash accident)] What is our album this time? Our Breaking Sensation album’s title song ‘Easy Love’ We will introduce our point dance moves today Now let’s do the last chorus part together […]


what’s going on guys it’s JJ here back with another video hope you having a great day living life loving the flips this is going to be my new little catchphrase you know. If you are new to the channel it be sure that subscribe button below and also hit the bell as well so […]

5 “HEALTHY” FOODS THAT MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT (You’re probably eating them!)

Losing weight can be hard and confusing enough as it is. And if you’re not losing weight, but you’re doing everything right, you feel like you’re eating healthy. There could be some sneaky and seemingly healthy foods that you’re eating every day that are actually sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Think, Wolf, in sheep’s clothing, […]

The new 2020 Arnold Classic Amateur Champion Fabio Giga

thank you, thank so much from the bottom of my heart I’m moved with so much affection from you guys I never could imagine that so many people would be following up my journey and that I’d receive some much love many many thanks from the bottom of my heart to all that sent good […]