Sunny Health & Fitness No.045 Twist Stepper with Resistance Bands

Conveniently work your arms and lower body with the No.045 Twist Stepper by Sunny Health & Fitness Start your workout when you step onto the oversized textured foot plates that prevent you from slipping while exercising Take advantage of the powerful hydraulic drive system that forces your legs to push against your own body weight. […]

UCLA Health Coronavirus Update, Part 2 | Daniel Z. Uslan, MD, MBA

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are best known for causing the common cold. They are also responsible for more serious respiratory illnesses, such as SARS and MERS. The CDC says the new coronavirus can be spread from person to person with contact within about 6 feet or closer. The virus is believed […]


what’s going on guys it’s JJ here back with another video hope you having a great day living life loving the flips this is going to be my new little catchphrase you know. If you are new to the channel it be sure that subscribe button below and also hit the bell as well so […]

Jeremy Jordan | “Run Away With Me” | Kerrigan-Lowdermilk

–Texas in the summer is cool. We’ll be– Let’s start this over. (laughter, applause) We gonna take that pause? Brian: Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Fermata. Brian: I’m gonna stay on stage as a good luck charm. (laughter, applause) We’re going til 10. Brian: It’s happening, get excited, we’re doing it again. I’m gonna try new […]

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7723 Force Fitmill Manual Treadmill

Force your fitness to the max with the heavy-duty Force Fitmill by Sunny Health & Fitness. Improve your muscular strength, power, and endurance with this self-powered manual resistance inclined treadmill. Sweat resistant multi-grip handrails secure your grip while you push through your workouts using a variety of different walking and running positions. This multifunctional fitness […]

The Hackers Stole New Safe House at Whats in the box Challenge! (He Confessed Lost Circle Location)

Why is Patient Design Essential in Healthcare? / Episode 6 – The Medical Futurist

hi, this is dr. Bertalan Meskó, The Medical Futurist, and in this episode I would like to talk about the only expression anyone dealing with digital health must know to understand the context around the changes in healthcare patient design. First, let me tell you about the powerful community that has formed out of diabetes […]

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2710 Total Body Bike

Get your cardio and strength workout all in one with a Total Body Bike This full body exercise bike is equipped with built-in adjustable resistance bands Resistance bands are placed so you can conveniently use them to target your arms, shoulders, and back all while still pedaling. Find the right band tension with the 3 […]

Mobile robotic system Stamina

Stamina The production and manufacturing companies demand more and more transform ability Bin picking and kitting of parts during the assembly stages is a task with low automation levels due to the variability of the production and to the diversity of suppliers and parts Picking in the industry is a repetitive and tiresome task Workers […]