Can a Disabled Person Drive a Tesla?

[Cambry] This is the first car I’ll drive in 2019. Should I give you a warning? Ready, set, go! [Music Playing] So if you remember back when I made the off-road wheelchair and surprised Cambry with it, there were a lot of questions in that video of how she can drive a car. Cambry, can […]

OGAR: Will of Steel – Official Trailer

If I could go back in time… and warn myself about what would happen when I lift that barbell… Would I change anything? Welcome to the CrossFit Games! The ultimate proving grounds for the fittest athletes on Earth! The one and only goal of training was to make it to the Games. -I know his […]

Getting Healthy at the UAMS Fitness Center: Water Exercise

Waterproof wheelchairs are available in the pool area. If you need a ride, there is always someone willing to give you a “push”. This was a new experience for me, it required giving up control to my driver. Fortunately he was very careful and the water temperature was warm and inviting.