Florida Man Runs to Bermuda in a Giant Bubble | WTFLORIDA

-When I heard about the bubble, I was just amazed. I just never heard of anything like this. -Like a hamster inside a wheel, the world-class athlete planned to walk on water more than 1,000 miles from Miami to Bermuda. -No one person is going to overcome the ocean. There was only going to be […]

Step Into Your Power With Fitness Phenomenon Robin Arzon

– [Robin] From the belly of production, there’s a hallway that leads into the studio. I liken it to the pathway that players walk through to get out on to the field. That live element is never lost on us. You’re hosting a show while working out, while engaging with thousands of people. When that […]

Why Alex Roy Chose a BMW M5 To Break the Cannonball Run Record (Ice-T Narration)

for the transcontinental run than the BMW M5.With a five-liter, 400-horsepower V-8,it was fast.A top speed of 155 miles an hourcould be pushed to 190 with just a software upgrade.With the suspension tuned for Germany’s Autobahn,the M5 would hold up under hoursof triple-digit speeds.And Alex upgraded the brakes, shocks and clutchto handle the extra punishment.For […]

Two Lolis Quarrel – J the Loli Fighter #18

This is Video Series Please click link above if you want start from episode one What’s the meaning of this? I’ve heard everything You are looking for someone with massive amount of Phase Power to heal your leader, right? Stop terrorizing people I’m willing to give mine some to you Purpura.. whose side are you? […]

/ENGSUB /CHINSUB /Hindisub/ indoSUB] ( jk VLOG )Work out Jungkook’s muscles run bts 95

I shook my shoulders yesterday It hurts when you do it all at once I was told that lately Shuga hyun and Jin hyun are riding great What the? (surprise) Wow, what is this? This is not done .. Watching the video, it seems that the pose was not very (and all?) I usually practice […]

BSEP Lets Students Explore Healthcare Careers

BSEP changed my life my life Coming from a first generational family, I’m the first to go to college. Financially it was really hard and I felt like opportunities weren’t in my grasp because of that. And BSEP showed me that, like, I can go to college, I can still have a career that I […]

So What If I Love Anime?

Hi, my name is Kodi. I love anime and all the popular girls think I’m a freak because of it. This takes place at my elementary in fifth grade. I had a Sailor Moon book bag and all the popular girls took one look at my bag and laughed their heads off. The teasing became […]

I Had To Run From a PSYCHO (animation story) FT ImDontai, SagaTheYoungin, AND MORE

Before I pop this video off I just wanna give a quick shoutuout ……….to the animation homies ayeee (greetings) And imdontai (ayeeee ) If you like my content and want to watch stuff similar to it take a trip to the description of this video where you will see links to everyones channel or go […]

The Teacher – Salomon Running TV S4 E04

This is so cheesy. I always set up classrooms in my room at home and I would, my Dad has a tractor in Vermont. So I would stick kids in the back of the tractor and drive them around like it was a school bus. I think a part of me always wanted to be […]

Second Chances and Second Street Fitness

In general, Iowa, is just full of hard-working families that do whatever they have to do to survive. And Webster City is no different. We get up and we work hard. Because that’s what we know out here, the routine. But sometimes life changes. My name is Donovan Cusey. I’m a RV Tech at Good […]