This Father Is Fighting for Health Care Reform After Tragedy | NowThis

When I finally got down there what was left for me to see is a tire track on the curb. A pile of mud where his truck was pulled out. He was told that his medication was $250 out of pocket to pay for it. We don’t have $250 We never have $250 extra. He […]

Healthcare: humanity above bureaucracy | Jos de Blok | TEDxGeneva

Translator: Claire KEFALAS Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs I had quite a normal life till I was 20. I was a good student, and I studied economics. And then I made a radical choice. I became a nurse. I’ve got my wings, but as a nurse, as a male nurse, as I hope you can see, I […]


5 amazing transformations gym 2 The changes do not happen overnight in the morning. They take hours and hours of training, eat well, they put their health above all. There is no easy way when making changes for life, but perseverance and determination are fundamental. Whether you’re fighting some health problems in a losing battle […]

Rogue Legends Series Extras: The Strongwomen / 8k

[music] There were several other early strongwomen one of those was Athleta. And Athleta was Belgian. But she also was a woman who sold her beauty and her strength. And so I think, maybe, Sandwina took some inspiration from that. I don’t think she was the strongest strongwoman. I think Minerva was much stronger than […]

Fitness Under Fire

Seriously, I thought it was the stupidest thing when somebody first brought it here, but it is the coolest game. It is so addictive. [laughter] My education’s in finance and my dream was to be in stock market People always marvel at how many jobs I’ve had, I’ve probably had 75-80 jobs at mid-thirties. I […]

Rogue Legends Series Extras: Strong Early & Late / 8k

[music] Katie Sandwina was very strong when she was a well up into her 50s and 60s. Her son, Teddy, Theodore Roosevelt Sandwina, he became a first-rate boxer and was actually the heavyweight champion of Europe. a big man weighed over 200 pounds. There’s a wonderful photograph of her holding him over her head with […]

94-Year-Old Embraces CrossFit, Healthy Living

So many people locally have said to me, “Do you know, George, you are the oldest man in this street?” Well, I was born in Bridgewater, living with my father in two rooms. My father died when I was 12 years of age, and then I had to go into a home. I was fostered […]

The $100k Addiction That Destroyed My Business & Health | Entrepreneur mistake

mistakes they’re an unavoidable part of entrepreneurship and in life but they’re necessary right failure is a fuel it’s a bigger the mistake the bigger the lesson so today I’m opening up we’re gonna get personal I’m gonna share one of my biggest and my most embarrassing mistakes that you don’t have to go through […]

How Cochrane Evidence can help support health care decisions

I have a real personal interest in mental health research. I’ve benefited from it myself. When I had OCD I was looking for something I could trust. I read a lot around my condition and there was just so much rubbish online and some of it was quite frightening and misleading, and so I knew […]