How to Do a Body Blade Workout : How to Do a Single Body Blade Chest Workout

Welcome to Expert Village. My name is Dr. Ed Riffel. Today we are just going to do some modified bench presses. We will start with the one unit like you would put a close grip doing your benches and we are just going to bring it down into the bench press position. Beginners you might […]

Bell Star Helmet Review at

Hey, this is Anthony with RevZilla TV, where you can watch, decide, and ride. Welcome to our detailed breakdown of the 2013 Bell Star Helmet, available at For 2013, the Bell Star, at the top of the food chain in both the tricomposite version as well as the carbon fiber version, has got a […]

Public Health: A Very Short Introduction | Virginia Berridge

1: Public health is a very broad concept it can mean in the health of the whole population and freedom from disease, but it can also mean the prevention of sickness and poor health, the removal or the mitigation of risks to the population, so it means the promotion of good health rather than just […]

Functional Fitness Training Exercises for Beginners : Multidirectional Lunge for Functional Fitness

Hello my name is Carey Kepler and I’m a functional training coach. If you want to improve the quality of your life, improve your athletic ability or have a question about the following exercise you can contact me at The following exercise is a multi-directional lunge with a medicine ball twist. During this exercise […]