Total Fitness with Andy Speer | Trailer

Every single person out there has the ability, the power within themselves to improve from where they are right now. You have to have a reason, a very honest, genuine reason to be doing what you’re doing. (upbeat music) This program was designed to develop your overall athleticism. So you’re gonna put on muscle and […]

Valor Fitness DA-7 Utility Flat Bench

(intro music playing) This is the Valor Fitness DA-7 Utility Flat Bench. There are not a lot of moving parts here. So it will be a short video. Check out the website, we give you the footprint dimensions. giving you the length the width and the height. We make all of our utility benches more […]

Crazy-Time Power Cleans With Jesse Ward

He’s gonna give us just the garden-variety demonstration of the power clean. It’s pretty rad, let me have it. And go for it. Zero instruction. That’s OK, that’s OK. I like it. That’s OK. Because what he did was the right thing. The bar went from where to where? From the ground to shoulder. What […]

ULTIMATE 12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey For Older Men – Age Optimization System (AOS)

What I am doing, I’m really excited about this, you’ll hear more and more about this, is my Ultimate 12-week Fitness Transformation for Older men. It’s the only one of it’s kind. Fitness Transformation Journey specifically designed for older men. The way we think, the way our bodies operate, our time frames. Okay, now this […]

Workout of the Week #4: Lunges

Hi guys I’m Turo and this is Ryan Benito. We’re going to be demonstrating lunges. So you’re going to take a stance that’s pretty normal, about hip-width apart. You’re going to take a step forward and slightly diagonally to keep balance. You’re going to come to 90 degrees at the front leg here making sure […]

FitPAWS® Equipment for Canine Fitness

The Core is the powerhouse of the dog’s body. Helping your dog develop strong core muscles can help reduce and prevent injuries. Exercising your dog on an unstable surface engages the core and stabilizer muscles. You can’t get this type of exercise from walking, jogging, swimming, or running. FitPAWS® offers a variety of core strength […]

Barre Fitness | Best Barre Workout

Hi, I’m Ella Jotie Co-Founder and Creator of Barre Fitness and today I have Jes and Katie with me and this is our plié thigh workout. Try to lengthen the hip flexors here and lift the knees with the core muscles. If you don’t have a ballet barre your can use a sturdy piece of […]

ISU researchers study accuracy of fitness trackers

whether walking across campus or working out at the gym activity bands are an easy way to track your steps heart rate calories burn because of the popularity of these consumer monitors Iowa State university researchers want to know how accurately the band’s measure different activities all the constant reminder they have their own apps […]

Get Fit in Atlanta: A Tough Mudder Travel Guide – Coachified Ep. 7 | Tough Mudder

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re here in beautiful Atlanta less than 24 hours before 2017’s Tough Mudder, and we’re going to show you how to live life to the fullest. We’re going to get our fitness on all over this beautiful city. [MUSIC PLAYING] [EAGLE CAWING] Coachified! Living life to the fullest is about getting dirty and […]

Fat to Fit, in 3 months, without steroids or crash diet.

Weight loss or fat loss? People want to slim down but what should we concentrate on? Actually we should focus on fat loss. Weight is less important because if someone develops muscles then these muscles will weigh more. If we take cotton and iron of same size, the iron will weigh more. That’s why focus […]