Sandbag Power Clean | Apex NC Personal Trainer

Reach down to grab the sandbag with your hips back and knees slightly bent. Your back should be flat and your neck neutral. Forcefully extend your hips as you pull the sandbag straight up, catching it in your arms. Reverse this motion as you let the sandbag fall back to the ground. Keep the bag […]

OGAR: Will of Steel – Official Trailer

If I could go back in time… and warn myself about what would happen when I lift that barbell… Would I change anything? Welcome to the CrossFit Games! The ultimate proving grounds for the fittest athletes on Earth! The one and only goal of training was to make it to the Games. -I know his […]

Functional Fitness Training Exercises for Beginners : Multidirectional Lunge for Functional Fitness

Hello my name is Carey Kepler and I’m a functional training coach. If you want to improve the quality of your life, improve your athletic ability or have a question about the following exercise you can contact me at The following exercise is a multi-directional lunge with a medicine ball twist. During this exercise […]

Best Training Workout Gym Music 2017 – Fitness Music

Best Training Workout Gym Music 2017 – Fitness Music

Josh Lenartowicz: Big Arms Day – 2019 Arnold Classic Comeback

Welcome everyone back to my YouTube channel! It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to you. We’re actually two and a half weeks out from the Arnold Classic USA. My comeback show which is very exciting for me, I’ve had all of last year off to rest and recover and put on more muscle […]

James Harden’s Workout Explained By His Trainer | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

(intense music) – What’s up guys, I’m Paul Fabritz from PJF Performance. Over the last four years my job has been gettin’ James Harden ready in the off season. So he plays 82 plus games every year. We gotta keep him durable, resilient, and healthy. But he’s also competing for the MVP this year so […]

Come restare in forma facilmente | Crunch Fitness NYC 🏋🏻‍♀️🥊

Hi guys, welcome back to Kiariladyboss channel how’s everything? We are going to talk about Fitness for New York lovers, women entrepreneurs and travel addict if you are not subscribed to my channel yet, do it now! Today we are with Laura from “Vivere New York” she is the one that introduced me to Crunch […]

Cross Fit by Jesus (CrossFit parody) {The Kloons}

You’ve heard of CrossFit but have you heard of Cross Fit? Hi. I’m JC. Founder of the miraculous new workout regime that’s sweeping the developed world. When I first started Cross Fit it wasn’t necessarily by choice. But pretty soon I realized that my biggest burden was also my biggest opportunity. With our patented 100% […]

Mirafit M2 Half Power Rack

Mirafit Mirafit M2 Half Power Rack. 221.5cm 130cm 144cm Pull up bar with knurling. Max weight: 150kg. Fully adjustable. 20 levels with 8cm gaps. 2 weight storage poles. Barbell rest max load: 360kg. Spotters max load: 360kg. Also available with storage system. Mirafit M2 Half Power Rack. Available at Mirafit

Functional Fitness Training for Kids : Boot Camp Calisthenics for Kids Functional Fitness

This is Julio Anta from Anta’s Fitness & Self Defense Miami, Florida bringing you some classes on children’s functional training on behalf of Expert Village. Now we’re going to do some boot camp. One of my most memorable moments in the marine corp. was marine corp. boot camp. We did all types of calisthenics non […]