Fixing The Immature Overhead Squat with Miranda Oldroyd

Marissa’s question is, I’ve seen people who have a really immature squat and a lot of people do and it’s like are you not gonna let them overhead squat for the two years it takes them to get upright? No. You’re gonna let them overhead squat What you’ve got to look at though is even […]

Warm-Up with Matt Chan

Find yourself a little bit of space. Be at least an arm’s distance away from somebody. We’re going to start with a fun one. You guys remember jumping jacks back in gym school? Here we go. All I want you guys to do is hands touch behind you, when your hands touch over your head, […]

CrossFit – Happiness and Intellectual Pursuits

I first found CrossFit—my sister actually played rugby in Minnesota, and some of her rugby teammates were doing CrossFit as supplementary training, and one day out of the blue, she sent me the link to main site, and said this looks like something you might be interested in. Pretty quickly after starting, I got into […]

70+ class at CrossFit Rebels

My blood pressure–well, it was out of control. Sometimes it would go up to 190 over–well, it got up really really high, like over 90 or 100. And you’d get to a point where you’d think, “That’s it. That’s what I can do.” You know, “This is good enough.” Then you start something like this, […]

When Wellness Becomes Fitness

We are the first CrossFit affiliate that has been built on a hospital campus and we currently have, out of our 250 employees, about 52 employees that are involved in our CrossFit program. I’m Josh Newton, I’m the director of health and wellness services at Kirby Medical Center and we are at CrossFit KMC. Today […]

Finishing the Second Pull with Coach Burgener

When that bar gets to here, I want you to think shoulders only. Get right back to the shoulders, don’t think about anything else. Only shoulders. That’s it. Now it got away from you a little bit but I don’t care about that right now because all I’m thinking about is breaking you of this. […]

Accessory Work: Banded Tricep Exercise

I do a slight bend in my knee, I tighten up my shoulder blades together, and I’ll extend down quick. I’ll fire fast. 90-degree angle. Down. I don’t need to come higher and get my tricep, my soft tissue on a longer stretch, which is not quite as healthy for you. So we’ll fire down, […]

The Kettlebell Dead Clean with Jeff Martone

Alright, now we’re gonna do dead clean. The dead clean. Dead clean, guys, starts and stops, the kettlebell starts and stops on the floor. So when we set it up, it’s just as if we were doing a deadlift. It’s right in between our feet, hand position is always the same. And all we’re gonna […]

The Gymnastics Planche with David Durante

You had mentioned that you were interested in learning how to do a planche, right? Yes. OK, have you tried one before on rings? Not on rings. With all this stuff we’re trying to do on rings, I would suggest that you try to learn it first on parallel bars or something static. So you […]

Overhead Yoke Carry with Rob Orlando

Today we’re going to go over the basics of an overhead yoke carry. This is maybe something you have or have not seen, but it’s not a traditional carry where we carry it on our back. We’re actually going to lock it out overhead and carry it for distance. So, the set up, we want […]