How To Fit Clip On Aero Bars | Upgrade Your Road Bike To A Triathlon Machine

– Now, if you’re new to triathlon, or indeed an old hand, you could well be doing most of your riding out on the roads on a road bike like one of these, but be interested in the notion of a triathlon or time-trial specific bike. However the thought of splashing out all that cash […]

Help! The Battery Doesn’t Fit in my Kegel8 Toner! | Kegel8 FAQ

The battery doesn’t fit. Make sure that you have the correct sized battery for your device. Our electronic devices use the single alkaline 9-volt battery. Make sure that the protective sticker has been fully removed, and ensure that the battery is fitted the correct way round.

Gainesville Hollistic Healthcare – LD30 Ver2

Giving us a warm welcome to wellness is Traci Pettigrew the owner and Acupuncture Physician here at Gainesville Holistic Healthcare. So Traci give us a little round about of what you do. Holistic healthcare is an approach that we take, were we really deal with the whole body and the mind together. So that we […]

Autumn Health and Safety | Guidelines for Parents

Hi I’m Jamie Kondis and today I’m going to talk about fall weather safety. It’s still about 90 degrees here in St. Louis so it’s hard to think about fall but it is coming. As you’re going into fall weather some things to think about, one we start using our fireplace in the fall and […]

Space medicine: staying fit in space

Fitness is not only for astronauts during spaceflight, but also for their life on Earth and to maintain and to prevent long-term problems, back pain and injury. That’s why we think exercise is a very valuable tool, not only for the astronauts but for anybody else of course. What we generally do overall is to […]

Fitness Trainers North Andover MA Call 978.659.0047

Personal Fitness Trainers this is the business i want to be first time that we can help and everyday that i come to work i’d feel great because that’s exactly what we the typical client wants to get in shape their finally fed up with how they feel and know they need help and that’s […]

What Playing World of Warcraft Taught Me About Success in Fitness (THE TRUTH)

– If you don’t know this about me already, at one point in my life I was a very serious World of Warcraft player. And World of Warcraft was everything to me. My characters were my whole life, and my friends were from World of Warcraft. All that we would ever talk about were raids, […]

GHD Hip Extension

Alright, let’s talk about how the set-up actually works here. When Amy sets this apparatus up, she makes sure her belt-line is north of the edge of the pad. Okay, we need for the lumbar spine to be completely free in this environment. Okay, and you can relax. If she were to set this foot […]

How to make sure you fit into that Bikini this summer!

Hi guys! I am going to give you the best tip that has helped me for staying motivated and focused for fitting into my swimsuit for summer. For me, It didn’t really matter if it was one that I wanted to wear, or just an old one. So I just took my old swimsuit; I […]

How climate change affects your mental health | Britt Wray

For all that’s ever been said about climate change, we haven’t heard nearly enough about the psychological impacts of living in a warming world. If you’ve heard the grim climate research that science communicators like me weave into our books and documentaries, you’ve probably felt bouts of fear, fatalism or hopelessness. If you’ve been impacted […]