Will a Gas Engine Run on RC Racing Fuel? Let’s find out!

I get a lot of great video project ideas from those you leave in comments And I had at least 400 people ask me to task RC racing fuel in a small engine What exactly will happen to a small engine with the RC racing fuel ? this is a form of leaded fuel that […]

The Army’s New Fitness Test

Our next question comes from Dave and it says a former SF guy. Now in my world that means it could be a former San Francisco guy or a former special-forces guy. Let’s just go with the idea that I think he might be special forces. And we’ve talked about this before Kevin and I. […]

Your Child’s EEG at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

you are here to have an electroencephalogram called an EEG or video electroencephalogram called a VEEG an EEG is a test that uses special sensors placed all over the head that measure the electrical signals your brain sends out those signals are recorded so the doctor can see them the setup takes about two hours […]

Running Cutaway Engine Throws Connecting Rod!

I get some absolutely terrific ideas from those of you leaving comments, so thank you all very much for leaving comments I spent a lot of time reading your comments. I learn a lot from you guys One of the recommendations that I received from a commenter was that we run the slick 50 engine […]

Dieser 35€ Fitness Tracker macht eine Smartwatch überflüssig!

In 2014 smartwatches were still thriving Future predicted The Moto 360 was one of the first watches Android Wear. At the same time appeared also the Xiaomi Mi Band, a fitness tracker by a excellent low price. While one watches Android watches meanwhile as Flop can be called fitness tracker or in particular the MI […]


hello welcome back to the Happy Hut I’m Neil thanks for clicking on this video Today I’m opening this it’s the Comica mini deadcat it’s like a windshield I’ve got one here as well It’s a mini windshield for clip-on mics and lavalier microphones – I thought I’d test it out – I’ve put a […]

Would One Punch Man Saitama’s Fitness Training Actually Work?

jared leto was asked as the joke I’m sorry okay I did not like him he was freaking awful I can do a better laughter you know they’re dudes and do that your friendly neighborhood Jack’s wait here and today I start a new series called with that training work it’s quite a few of […]

How Fit Can Dan Get In 10 Weeks?

(intense music) – You may have noticed over the past few months on GCN that there have been a few references to my lack of fitness. Partly tongue-in-cheek, but I do have to admit that there’s more than a grain of truth to it. You see, in 2018 I reckon I did less than a […]

People Retake The Elementary School Fitness Test

– What if the 15 year olds watch this and they’re like, yeah obviously they’re not going to do as well as us. They’re old. (whistle blowing) (cheerful music) – My name is Clark and I’m kind of active, but I hate gyms. – In comparison to this dude right here, I’m pretty athletic. – […]