Running Vs. Cycling | Who Is Faster – GCN Or GTN?

– A couple of months back, a GCN viewer told us about a race here in the UK, which pits riders against runners. Brilliant, we thought, runner versus rider. Not much competition there, sign us up. – Except, it’s an off road run, and the course record is held by a runner. – Yeah, and […]

Swimming Vs Running: What Burns The Most Calories?

– Okay Mark, so here’s a question for you now. What do you think the quickest way for us to burn some calories is, swimming or going for a run? – That is a good question. And I know a lot of other people are wrestling with that question too. – Yep. Now I don’t […]

3 Weekly Runs | Must Do Workouts

– Now then, what if I was to tell you that you could run faster on as few as three run sessions per week. How so, I hear you asking? – Well, by stripping away those needless extra miles, making your training more specific with these three key workouts. Amazingly, you can actually gain far […]

11 Beginner Run Tips | How To Start Running!

(electronic humming and buzzing) – Are you new to running or consider yourself somewhat of a beginner? Well, before you lace your shoes up, I have 11 tips to help get you running. (country music) Step one, just start running and have fun. It’s a fantastic sport, but make sure you start short. It’s very […]

How To Increase Your Long Runs | Training Tips For Running Further

(gentle music) – The long run is essential for your aerobic base. It lays that foundation which you can then build on with your speed and tempo work. And it can be mentally and physically challenging and then the thought of trying to increase that is understandably a little bit daunting. Well, we’re here to […]

Knee Pain When Running? | How To Avoid Runner’s Knee

(soft upbeat music) – Runner’s knee is something you hear fairly regularly in the running world. It is something that can seriously hamper your training or leave you completely sidelined. So today, I’m heading to the gym, and I’m gonna be taking a closer look at what exactly is going on in runner’s knee and, […]

How Many Times A Week Should You Run? | Running Training Plan & Lifestyle Management

– Running is such a versatile sport, you can do it pretty much anywhere and any time. But how much of it should you do? Well, today, I’m here in Girona, so I thought I better get the help of GCN Espanyol’s presenter, Maya. Maya, thanks for joining us. Now don’t be fooled by the […]

How To Start Running | 8 Week Training Plan To Run Your First 5km

(light electronic music) – It might sound like a stupid question, but if you’re new to any sport, kind of difficult to know where to start and just because most of us have the ability to run, becoming a runner is a very different matter. So, whether you’re coming from a competitive level in another […]

Anatomy of a Cyclist: The Incredible Stamina of Jolanda Neff

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian. Now we’re working, come on! – Testing, analysing… – Dig deep, come on! ..getting under the skin of an elite athlete… we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A CYCLIST) Cross-country mountain biking, […]