How To Train For Running Using Hills | Uphill Run Training Explained

(upbeat music) – Hills love them or hate them, they can be a great training tool. And if they’re in a race, well, you’ve got no of avoiding them. So today, we’re going to be covering how best to get up hills of varying gradients, and how to incorporate them in your training to overall […]

How To Improve Your Running Vo2 Max | Triathlon Training Explained

(digital electronic whizzing) – Welcome to “Triathlon Training Explained”, we’ve gone into the how to find your VO2 max in a recent video, so now you know how to get your numbers, how do you go about improving them? – Yeah, now part of having a high VO2 max comes down to genetics, but you’ll […]

Run England – running for everyone!

I’d just finished college and I’d put on quite a bit of weight and I just had no fitness levels really so I wanted to start getting fit It’s a totally new thing for me, I’ve never run, I didn’t consider myself to be a runner but the leaders do tell you ‘you are a […]

Running Vs Cycling: What Burns The Most Calories?

– If you want to lose weight, then you simply need to burn more calories than you consume on a regular basis, and you can do this by either altering your diet or doing more exercise, and if you do opt for exercise, then the question is which sport is best for burning those excessive […]

Mission X: how to stay fit and healthy in space with Luca Parmitano

Hello everyone! I’m ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano and I’m sending you this message straight from the International Space Station. We all need to do exercise and eat the right foods to stay fit, healthy, and strong, training like an astronaut is a great way to do this. When astronauts like me live and work in […]

Science Behind The Suffering | Fitness Testing At The Sufferfest High Performance Lab

– [Simon] No doubt, you will remember Dan Lloyd’s incredible transformation last winter from middle-aged beer-drinking part-time cyclist, to middle-aged beer-drinking part-time cyclist who was actually pretty darn fit on just four hours riding per week for 10 weeks. He saw a 15% improvement in three out of the four power dimensions. And his training […]

What Is Perfect Running Form? | Run Technique Tips For All Runners

– Okay, so how many of you watch the top runners on TV in absolute awe? Yep, they just glide over the ground and make it look nothing short of effortless, some may say they have the perfect run form, but what makes it so perfect, so effortless or so easy? Well today I’m going […]

Common Running Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

– All runners make mistakes at some point within their training, and most certainly within their racing too, and in some cases we repeat those mistakes over and over again, myself included. So today I thought we could take this opportunity to reflect upon those mistakes, learn from them, so that we don’t make the […]