Heaving Snatch Balance

A lot of us struggle with the pulling under the bar and the confidence and the skill of getting underneath the bar and that’s where the skill-transfer exercises really come into play there. And we’re going to do what we call a heaving snatch balance, it’s going to look like a push press into an […]

Finishing the Second Pull with Coach Burgener

When that bar gets to here, I want you to think shoulders only. Get right back to the shoulders, don’t think about anything else. Only shoulders. That’s it. Now it got away from you a little bit but I don’t care about that right now because all I’m thinking about is breaking you of this. […]

Samurai & weightlifting / JAPAN / A.TOROKHTIY

Hey, everyone! Continue traveling the World and in this video I’ll tell and show you Japan Watch You’ve just bought it?? Good evening! Good evening! It turns out even in a far Japan there are our people We’re going to have a meal Alexandra is from Lviv Yes, hello! Taro He is Japanese and wonderful […]

Snatch Balance Without the Dip

I want 10 kilos on each side of the bar, take those off. Just put 10 on each side. Let’s put that bar on your back. You’re gonna do the same thing, but no dip. There is no dip. You’re driving your body down with your arms. From here, you are driving your body down. […]


We’ve met with the guys finally And now.. barbecue…a bit and will go to have a warm-up. We’ve had a light workout …and we are going to have some rest because tomorrow morning we’ll go to Crossfit Games Therefore, there are 2 tasks now accomodation and…the second one is find some food. DAY 1: Crossfit […]

Road to the Arnold — 2018 — CJ Cummings / 8k

[Laughing] They don’t like nobody hanging on the rim here. I’m from Beaufort, South Carolina. My name is C.J. Cummings and I’m an Olympic weightlifter. Aahh, Beaufort, Beaufort, Beaufort. Beaufort is, I mean, a nice place It’s just like a retirement place. I’m a senior in high school. School is very important cause when you […]

Snatch Practice with Dan Bailey

We’re going to have a 10-minute skill session. It’s going to be every minute on the minute, you’re going to do one hang power snatch, one full power snatch from the floor and as soon as you get that power snatch overhead, one overhead squat. So you’ll never let go of the bar during all […]

Show Me the Armpits with Coach Burgener

I really want you to sit there in this position and think in terms—not of pushing up on that bar with the shoulders—push up on the bar and lock out the elbows, that’s all I want you to think about. Don’t even think about the shoulders. I don’t want you shrugging up. You’re shrugging into […]

Deadlift Sonrası Ağırlıkları Çıkarmanın Kolay Yolu

The most boring part of the deadlift training is unracking the weights. But there is an easy way of doing that. Put a small plate on the ground and roll the barbell loaded with weights on it. Now everything is much easier. Done. Good luck.