Did CEO Kim’s secretary run away…? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.22]

(Last 2020 S/S Fashion Week) (About 126,000 pieces of paper) (Miss Gee’s passion-filled show) – Miss Gee’s show from last time. / – It was a success. It was so nice. (Inquiries about the music flooded in) They’re asking about the music. – What was it? / – The music from the show. – You […]

The Duo Behind the ‘Running Man Challenge’ Phenomenon

It’s the viral dance everyone is talking about. It’s not the whip nah-nah. It’s not the dab. It’s called the running man challenge. Take a look.>>All I want’s some respect for making this dance. Can I get some cred? Come on, Ellen. I wanna be on Ellen. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]>>And it all started with two young men […]

What ballet dancers pack in their suitcases

Mom Agrees To Mental Health Treatment – See What Happens After The Taping

(upbeat music) I feel like I’m being ambushed right now, I really do. But I will come and do whatever you guys need to do and go through everything and I can explain everything, ya know, from start to finish, what brought us to this point and Dr. Phil had mentioned why he’s not coming. […]

Fit in 1 Minute – fitter in 5 Minuten

Fit in one minute, even fitter in five minutes is an extraordinary concept with short moving- and relaxation-units. We use interactive lectures, workshops or day seminars to show you how to find more performance and wellbeing in just a few minutes. Minimal effort – maximal effect, and suitable for everyone! Healthy and powerful in just […]

Presidential Candidate Julián Castro on Trump’s State of the Union, Health Care & Immigration