Why Washington health officials fear novel coronavirus may have been quietly spreading

JUDY WOODRUFF: The toll from the coronavirus is edging up tonight across the United States. So far, there are six known deaths, all in Washington state, but there are fears the virus is considerably more widespread than previously known. Lisa Desjardins begins our coverage LISA DESJARDINS: In the greater Seattle area, health officials now question […]

Can Cold Showers Really Improve Your Health?

Thanks to Skillshare for supporting this episode, and this whole week, of SciShow. [♩INTRO] If you follow any productivity gurus, then you’ve probably heard how you need to take cold showers in the morning. After all, not only can they wake you right up, but you’re also promised a myriad of health benefits and everybody […]

Alex Honnold Rappels Into a Ravine | Running Wild With Bear Grylls

[music playing] This is, like, pretty legit. That’s, like, a long ways. I’m pretty pleased you’re saying that. I’m definitely feeling it. I mean, this is 300 feet at least. Ultimately we want to get down into the gorge. Let’s rappel off the bridge? Yeah that’s a great idea. [music playing] This is, like, pretty […]

Is Running on Treadmills Bad? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Is running on treadmills bad? Obviously. Because they’re designed for sleeping. No. Treadmills were actually invented so that. We don’t need to go out and we can jog as per our convenience. However, there are certain disadvantages of using a treadmill. Firstly, when we run on ground, we use our leg muscles […]

Bobby Bones Descends a Slippery Cliff | Running Wild With Bear Grylls

[wind rumbling] OK, so Bobby, where we’re heading is 100 foot drop off that lip. We’re right on the edge of this, like, boulder, slab of rock that just curls away. And it’s one of these awkward ones, because you can’t see over the lip. We’re going to go across and try and secure ourselves […]

How To Improve Your Running Vo2 Max | Triathlon Training Explained

(digital electronic whizzing) – Welcome to “Triathlon Training Explained”, we’ve gone into the how to find your VO2 max in a recent video, so now you know how to get your numbers, how do you go about improving them? – Yeah, now part of having a high VO2 max comes down to genetics, but you’ll […]

With novel coronavirus deaths rising, health officials face grilling on Capitol Hill

JUDY WOODRUFF: The coronavirus outbreak has claimed more American lives and more American wealth. The death toll reached nine today, with more than 100 diagnosed cases nationwide. And as economic damage spread, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell announced that the Central Bank is cutting a key interest rate by half-a-point. JEROME POWELL, Federal Reserve Chairman: […]

When You Should NOT Workout (for weight loss)

Could you be working out during the wrong times for your weight loss and health goals? There are five times when you should actually skip that workout. Hey guys, welcome back to Led Fit. I’m Serein Wu, certified health coach and nutritionist through Precision Nutrition and Chris Ledford, my husband is a certified personal trainer […]

[Bio Gold] Cahyo – Stamina lebih terjamin | Biogreen Science

Hi good afternoon… …my name is Cahyo Sugiarto previously I was a country manager of the multi-national company and I have experienced for 16 years already and before joined Biogreen Science …basically in health perspective, I used to get sick easily because I had a hectic schedule, busy and always doing a lot of activities […]

World’s Longest Home Run (The “Mad Batter” Machine) – Smarter Every Day 230

– [Destin] Oh dear me. – [Jeremy] I’ll let you know! (machine whirring) – Ready? Oh my goodness. (bat snaps) (laughs) (Smarter Every Day Intro music) The major league baseball home run distance record is around 575 to 580 something feet, depending on where you get your data. Today on “Smarter Every Day”, we’re gonna […]