Sarah Sanders lists a multitude of extreme polices pushed by Biden

Bernie Sanders on Iran, health care and Democratic electability

JUDY WOODRUFF: Democratic presidential candidates have been speaking about Iran as they seek to contrast their foreign policy visions against that of the current commander in chief. In New York City, former Vice President Joe Biden said President Trump’s decision to strike out at Qasem Soleimani was dangerously incompetent. JOSEPH BIDEN (D), Presidential Candidate: So […]

Fitting In (Hogwarts Houses!) | Sanders Sides

T: Neville gonna give you up. Neville gonna let you down. Neville gonna turn around and– J: Petrificus Totalus! (Intro Music) T: What is up everybody? Goodness, can you believe how far through this year we’ve already gotten? Summer is basically over, school is starting back up here in America, and Halloween is just around […]