Running in Space!

[ Music ]>>Karen Nyberg: Hi, welcome to the International Space Station. As all of my family and friends know, I love to run when I’m on earth. Luckily we have the capability to run here on the Space Station too. In fact, it’s one of the 3 exercises that we do on a daily basis […]

RUN – Inspirational Running Video HD

Sometimes it’s gonna HURT! Sometimes it’s gonna be PAINFUL! Sometimes you not going to be able to WALK! Are you hearing me? Sometimes when I run on that treadmill, I don’t feel as good as I normally feel. My leg HURTS! Sometimes, sometimes I’m SICK! But this is a physical sport! And if you want […]

Will Smith Keys To Life – Running and Reading – Keys to Success

I’m giving the key to life right now this is the key to life. The key of life… is Running and Reading. Alright? Now this is a very serious The Key To Life is Running and Reading, alright? Now, why running? When you’re running and…you’re out there running..there’s a little person that talks to you […]