Napoleon Rogue Series Gas Grills

You’re not some rookie looking for a casual fling. You’re looking for something serious, something with ultimate performance. You’re ready to go Rogue, or go home. Napoleon’s Rogue Series Gas Grills take your grilling experience from mundane to magnificent. With features like the Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ side burner you can sear up your very own […]

Rogue Legends Series Extras: The Strongwomen / 8k

[music] There were several other early strongwomen one of those was Athleta. And Athleta was Belgian. But she also was a woman who sold her beauty and her strength. And so I think, maybe, Sandwina took some inspiration from that. I don’t think she was the strongest strongwoman. I think Minerva was much stronger than […]

TRAILER: The Rogue Legends Series – Chapter 4: Sandwina / 8K

When we talk about people as legends we have mythic legends from the distant past. Babe Ruth is clearly a legend in baseball. And in our own field, in strength, whether it’s weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding as we go forward we discover that there are people whose stories transcend their time. I think in Sandwina’s case […]

Rogue Legends Series Extras: Strong Early & Late / 8k

[music] Katie Sandwina was very strong when she was a well up into her 50s and 60s. Her son, Teddy, Theodore Roosevelt Sandwina, he became a first-rate boxer and was actually the heavyweight champion of Europe. a big man weighed over 200 pounds. There’s a wonderful photograph of her holding him over her head with […]

The Rogue Legends Series – Chapter 4: Sandwina / 8K

[music] When we look at this era, the real contemporary of Sandow was of course George Hackenschmidt. Probably the strongest man was Louis Cyr from Canada. In Sandwina’s case, we have people’s remembrances about how she struck them. He empowered people to look after their bodies, get fit, improve their mind, and change their lives, […]

Rogue Legends Series Extras: How Katie Met Max / 8k

[music] Her husband Max told a story and he said yes well when we first met her father was giving a certain amount of money to anyone in wrestling who could beat her. Quite a number of the young men tried but they couldn’t and I was smaller but I was gonna try and I […]

Rogue Legends Series Extras: The Circus Bar / 8k

[music] At a certain point, she and Max, bought a bar and restaurant in Queens. They called it The Circus Bar. Max did the cooking at the restaurant and Katie tended the bar. She was also supposedly the bouncer. [Katie] All our customers be nice and quiet. They got respect for us. What you have? […]

Napoleon Rogue Gas Grill Overview | 425 Black Edition | BBQGuys

Hi, I’m Randy with BBQGuys. Today we are going to be checking out the Rogue Collection of Napoleon Gas Grills. The one we have here is the 425 model. Let’s get to it! Inside the Rogue series, you will find stainless steel cooking grids, designed with Napoleon’s signature Wave shape. These grids retain a good […]