Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Presentation by Kurt Stange, MD, PhD

>>>DR. STEVEN CLAUSER: So I’ll introduce now Kurt Stange. Kurt is a family physician. He has been practicing for many years. He has done a lot of work in family oriented system design and primary care. He is the editor of the Annals of Family Medicine. He and his team did an incredible amount of […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Discussant comments by Thomas Vogt, MD, MPH

>>>DR. STEVE CLAUSER: Our discussion for this session is Tom Vogt. I can tell, he’s got his hands full with this group. But he’s a former senior investigator at Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Services Research. His work is investigating improving prevention services in medical care settings, the quality and cost of preventive care, primary […]

Cultural Awareness for Healthcare Professionals – Promo (English version)

I am Albanian. I am Chinese. I am Deaf. I am Punjabi. My diversity is strength, not an obstacle. I want to be treated with respect. …with respect. I want you to acknowledge my beliefs and customs, even if you don’t understand them. I want to feel I have been heard and understood. I want […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Overview by Arnold Kaluzny, PhD

>>>DR. STEVEN CLAUSER: Now there will be more detailed instructions in terms of how this is going to work, in terms of the discussions, but right now I’d really like to move directly into our first substantive presentation and introduce my close friend, Arnie Kaluzny. Arnie Kaluzny has served as chairman of Multilevel Interventions steering […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Presentation by Joseph Morrissey, PhD

>>>DR. STEVE CLAUSER: In continuing our theme on research methods and design issues, we are now going to move to two new presentations. The first one is by Joe Morrissey. He’s a sociologist with interests in interorganizational network analysis, system assessment, program evaluations, health utilization, health outcomes. And he’s been involved in a number of […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Welcome by Steven Clauser, PhD

>>>DR. STEVEN CLAUSER: Well, good morning. I would really like to officially bring this conference to order. My name is Steve Clauser. I am co-chair of the conference and on behalf of the National Cancer Institute, I really want to welcome you to our Multi-Interventions in Health Care: Building the Foundation for Future Research conference. […]

Let’s Start a Conversation About Health…and Not Talk About Health Care at All (voice-over)

Health… you’ll be surprised. So let’s start a conversation about health and not talk about health care at all. There are pressures on our health care system… doctor shortages, ER wait times… But solving these problems won’t make us healthy. We all know about our health problems: obesity, cancer, injuries, diabetes, heart disease, asthma. The […]

Prudent Healthcare

Improving services for patients is at the very heart of the prudent healthcare agenda – now we know more difficult as it is sometimes to explain this to people but a lot of what goes on in the healthcare world either does people harm or does them no good healthcare acquired infections … the clue […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Presentation by Brian Weiner, PhD

>>>DR. STEVEN CLAUSER: The next session has really kind of transitioned us into really talking about getting into some of the real applications, on the challenges and opportunities, as it is called, for multi-level intervention research. And in particular, we are going to be looking at practical ways of trying to figure out do we […]