Fixing the Push Press with Doug Zakaras

Let’s what him do three, get set I want you guys to watch the speed of the movement, tell me if it’s quick. Ready and go. Reset. Was that fast? Did he pause at the bottom? That’s what you’d be looking for. Ready and go. Reset. Now watch the timing of the press. Why don’t […]

Upright Torso in the Dip-drive with Bethanie Giardina

First things first—let me refresh our memory as to what the push press is. This is dip-drive-press. First progression just focuses on the dip positioning. What I’m looking for here—just watch—is that your shoulders stay over your hips and stay over your heels. And then I’ll cue you just to stand. Guys, less is more […]

Generating Power in the Push Press with Brett Fforde

So the question you had before was, if I want more hip power, shouldn’t I go more deep? And if we dip first—stand tall, give me a short dip. What we know is this is coming forward, yeah? So back up, up, up. Dip. Yeah, good. Now if I want him to go deeper again, […]


We’ve met with the guys finally And now.. barbecue…a bit and will go to have a warm-up. We’ve had a light workout …and we are going to have some rest because tomorrow morning we’ll go to Crossfit Games Therefore, there are 2 tasks now accomodation and…the second one is find some food. DAY 1: Crossfit […]

The Dip-drive in the Push Press with Austin Begiebing

Ready, get set, and go. Alright, now we’ve added speed, Cory. And your butt’s going that way and your shoulders are coming this way. You gotta keep in contact with my hand, alright? It’s right here, you feel it? Lean back to it. Keep your belly tight. Ready, get set. Keep in contact. Lean back […]