Head Movement for the Jerk with Chad Vaughn

So, we’re talking about head movement here, and no matter how you move your head, you need to move it out of the way at least a little bit so the bar can go straighter, right? You’ve got to get it out of the way and what I see whether they’re trying to use this […]

A Day With The 2016 Crossfit Champ | Mat Fraser: The Making of a Champion – Part 2

“Before the games, you know, it was still… training because… it’s where my friends were; that’s what they were doing, type thing. Never taking it seriously, never putting in long hours, you know It was like… an hour or two in and out of the gym. That summer of the 2014 games, I was working […]

Mobility Comes First with Coach Burgener

Now squat. No hook grip. Now squat, now press. OK, stay down there. Bring it down. Now bring me your elbows forward. Now press. Do it again. Bring me your elbows forward. And down. OK, bring me your elbows forward. And stand. And put it down. That’s a great exercise. I put them in that […]

Finishing the Second Pull with Coach Burgener

When that bar gets to here, I want you to think shoulders only. Get right back to the shoulders, don’t think about anything else. Only shoulders. That’s it. Now it got away from you a little bit but I don’t care about that right now because all I’m thinking about is breaking you of this. […]

Coach Burgener Explains The Burgener Warm-up

I probably get anywhere from 30 to 50 emails a day wanting me to explain the Burgener warm-up and the purpose of the Burgener warm-up. I tell everybody the same thing and I tell this in my courses that the Burgener warm-up consists of five exercises, five tools if you will that you can put […]

California Strength Club 5 Day Programming – Results are beginning to show! Christian Dutton

6×1 Snatch Pull + Snatch 54kg 6×1 Snatch Pull + Snatch 54kg 6×1 Snatch Pull + Snatch 54kg 6×1 Snatch Pull + Snatch 54kg Focusing on keeping the chest up on the pull to create a vertical bar path Focusing on keeping the chest up on the pull to create a vertical bar path Focusing […]

Hip Extension in the Push Jerk with Doug Zakaras

Watch how he receives the bar. Ready, and go. Hold it right there, don’t move. Stand up, reset. Watch one more just to make sure this is all right and what we want. Ready, and, go! And stand up. Relax. So that’s receiving position— that’s what I was watching. Now I’m gonna watch hip extension. […]

Snatch Balance Without the Dip

I want 10 kilos on each side of the bar, take those off. Just put 10 on each side. Let’s put that bar on your back. You’re gonna do the same thing, but no dip. There is no dip. You’re driving your body down with your arms. From here, you are driving your body down. […]

VLOG #2: VeniceBeach Karlsruhe – Mein erster Tag im Fitnessstudio // First visit at a regular gym

I’ve got a question for you: What are you doing with that later on? Welcome back to my YouTube Channel ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I’m at the Venice Beach in Karlsruhe. I’m still in rest mode, but some movement never hurt nobody ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I always wanted to train with big wheels ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m very rarely in […]

Road to the Arnold โ€” 2018 โ€” CJ Cummings / 8k

[Laughing] They don’t like nobody hanging on the rim here. I’m from Beaufort, South Carolina. My name is C.J. Cummings and I’m an Olympic weightlifter. Aahh, Beaufort, Beaufort, Beaufort. Beaufort is, I mean, a nice place It’s just like a retirement place. I’m a senior in high school. School is very important cause when you […]