Nuffield Health Gyms – Specialists in You – 2020 Advert

Welcome to a gym built around you, where health and fitness go hand in hand. You get regular Health MOTs to create a plan that works for you. With pools and specialist support on site like physios and personal trainers who aren’t scary. You’ll find a wide range of equipment and classes that are built […]

How to Swim Front Crawl | Nuffield Health

I’m going to show you how to swim freestyle or otherwise known as front crawl. We’re going to start with head position. It needs to be kept in a neutral line with your body and it needs to be kept still. The water line needs to be just above your goggle height and you need […]

Jodie’s Story: from surviving to thriving – Nuffield Health

I was always quite confident, quite outgoing, quite over-the-top. I had a lot of friends, a big group of people around me. And as I got older that started to dwindle off. I first noticed that I started to suffer with anxiety around about 11 years old. Then when I was 18 and I went […]

Body Dysmorphia Disorder and CBT – Ekta Mansukhani – Nuffield Health

My name is Ekta Mansukhani and i’m a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist at Nuffield Health. So I like swimming, I like dancing and I also like Harry Potter, so I read the books and watch the films quite frequently. CBT can help with body perception issues and body image including body dysmorphic disorder. This happens when […]