2020 Pole Stamina 140 Review: The Fastest Trail Bike, Until… | Pinkbike Field Test

Make me look tanned This is Pole’s brand-new Stamina 140. Now, it looks a lot like their 180 but as you can tell from the name 140 millimeters of rear-wheel travel. Now, it’s pretty interesting. There’s lots to talk about but let’s cover the basic stuff first 150 millimeter fork upfront weight is 30.6 lbs […]

Interval Training Explained – How To Get Fit On Your Mountain Bike

Can You Fit 29″ Wheels Into A 27.5+ Frame? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Welcome to this week’s “Ask GMBN” and we’re going to be diving into questions we found in the comment sections down below and using the hashtag #AskGMBN. – Down below the desk, – Down below this desk, there are questions Neal. Let’s get into it and see what we’ve got. (loudly bangs) First question […]

Training For Enduro Ep. 1 | Neil’s Fitness Test

– Right. So I’ve decided I need to do some racing. I haven’t done much for a while. I did one cross-country race last year in Sireston. That’s what about it. So I’m going to do the final round of the EWS this year in (mumbles). I’ve not done any Enduro Racing for quite a […]