Did CEO Kim’s secretary run away…? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.22]

(Last 2020 S/S Fashion Week) (About 126,000 pieces of paper) (Miss Gee’s passion-filled show) – Miss Gee’s show from last time. / – It was a success. It was so nice. (Inquiries about the music flooded in) They’re asking about the music. – What was it? / – The music from the show. – You […]

Small apartment review and training in the gym ^_^

Anna, say “Hello” What are you doing? Oh, i can talk in russian I will just add subtitles What? I say, i can talk in russian, i will just add subtitles It will be more comfortable Oh, i haven’t shown our apartment yet, by the way Will show you our apartment So, lets in order […]

Women Re-Create Celebrity Fitness Covers

– I’m going to a very important business meeting right after my workout today. (upbeat music) – Today, we’re re-creating iconic fitness magazine covers. – I’m re-creating Shakira from Self magazine. I play wheelchair basketball. I’ve been playing for 10 years. Participating in something like being on a magazine cover is a good way to […]