Fixing the Push Press with Doug Zakaras

Let’s what him do three, get set I want you guys to watch the speed of the movement, tell me if it’s quick. Ready and go. Reset. Was that fast? Did he pause at the bottom? That’s what you’d be looking for. Ready and go. Reset. Now watch the timing of the press. Why don’t […]

Squat Stance with Austin Begiebing

As you squat, look at my knees guys As you go down, you want to try to create as much space in between your knees as you can. Looks like this. You see that? And as yo stand, you’re still pushing out actively. So I want you focusing on that on this rep. Really try […]

Upright Torso in the Dip-drive with Bethanie Giardina

First things first—let me refresh our memory as to what the push press is. This is dip-drive-press. First progression just focuses on the dip positioning. What I’m looking for here—just watch—is that your shoulders stay over your hips and stay over your heels. And then I’ll cue you just to stand. Guys, less is more […]

Hip Extension in the Push Jerk with Doug Zakaras

Watch how he receives the bar. Ready, and go. Hold it right there, don’t move. Stand up, reset. Watch one more just to make sure this is all right and what we want. Ready, and, go! And stand up. Relax. So that’s receiving position— that’s what I was watching. Now I’m gonna watch hip extension. […]

Generating Power in the Push Press with Brett Fforde

So the question you had before was, if I want more hip power, shouldn’t I go more deep? And if we dip first—stand tall, give me a short dip. What we know is this is coming forward, yeah? So back up, up, up. Dip. Yeah, good. Now if I want him to go deeper again, […]

Squat Stance with Denise Thomas

Now the knees have to go wherever the toes go. So we teach it with the toes slightly out about 30 degrees. So I want you guys to get into that position. I like that a lot. Beautiful. Now when you go down, I want you to actively just press the knees so they’re in […]

Rack setup for the press with Bethanie Giardina

Make sure your stomach is turned on, and like I said, elbows in front of the bar, neutral gaze. We have a closed grip on the bar. This is different than what we did in the front squat where we have the elbows super high and that loose fingertip grip. We don’t need the elbows […]

A Straight Bar Path in the Deadlift with Laura Bruner

I’m going to use two of you guys. I’ll have you two—why not? You’re going to come and stand here and I want you to block his stick. There we go. So now we’re giving him some tactile feedback, OK? So that bar is going to stay close. I want you to actually touch it. […]

The Front Squat with Denise Thomas

You’re gonna take your pipe and you’re gonna put it on your body, you’re gonna put it thumb’s distance away from your thighs, and then you’re gonna go about half a thumb out. Then you’re gonna pinch it with two fingers and a thumb. Not knuckles but fingers. From there, I’d like you to only […]

Actively Work in a Position with Austin Begiebing

There you go, Kyle. Knees out, knees out, knees out, knees out! You’re workin’ it! Is that as hard as you can push them out, Kyle? Can you give me any more? Come on! There you go, Kyle, you could! And stand. Nice job. Alright, was that hard for you? Student: Yeah. Hey gang, what […]