Basecamp at Your Fitness Level – Advanced

Basecamp helps the advanced level athlete focus on their goals because we understand how big some of those goals can be, and we’re going to be there to push you and help you achieve those. When they come into Basecamp, we help them strive for a stronger pace because our Assault Bike is one of […]

Q35 elliptical machine from Octane Fitness

The Q35 from Octane Fitness is all about performance and quality at an unbeatable value. This entry level Octane is easy to get on and off of, with a small step up height and it’s compact size makes it a great fit for any room in the house. The first thing you’ll notice is the […]

South Hills Saturdays Episode 4: Push 40 Fitness

– [Shelley Killinger] As a busy realtor in Pittsburgh, I’m always around town checking out new businesses, restaurants, and fun things to do. I want to share with you my favorite places and things to do in the South Hills. I’m Shelley Killinger with the Shelley Killinger Group at Re/Max CSI and this is South […]

Interval Training Explained – How To Get Fit On Your Mountain Bike

Fast Fitness Workout – Get Fit With GCN’s 30 Minute High Cadence Bike Workout

Hey I’m Paul, and welcome to a 30-minute spinning session with the GCN team. Let’s go through who’s here today. At the front row we’ve got Jessie, Matt, Lucy. Bringing up the rear in the back is Dan, Emily, and Simon. This thirty-minute journey is going to test us all, all our fitness, our strength. […]

Flex Timer by GymNext

3…2…1…go Working out is hard. Working the clock shouldn’t be. Introducing Flex Timer – the interval training timer controlled completely from your smartphone instantly and easily connect and take control of your led gym clock choose from five popular training modes like rounds, intervals, tabata, EMOM or the standard timer its easy – choose your […]

Basecamp at Your Fitness Level – Beginner

The Basecamp workout meets the needs of the beginner because it’s easy to follow. You have the videos of the exercises playing all around the studio. You also have the instructor there who is going to help walk you through the workout. We also like to make sure that people are enjoying themselves and having […]

Go Row Indoor 20-minute workout – The original workout

Hi I’m Claire welcome to the British Rowing indoor exercise class we’re going to start with a nice easy warm-up four minutes tie yourself in nice and tight turn your screens on to just row and away we go so nice easy drives with legs through there nice and slow on the recovery back up […]

Race Winning Intervals Workout – Indoor Cycle Training

– Welcome to GCN’s Race Winning Intervals Indoor Training Session. Again, this one is a real brute, but will certainly get you in the right kind of shape and condition for when you’re out in the road, needing to make those big, maximal efforts, that will of course make a big difference. It’s a long […]