Crazy-Time Power Cleans With Jesse Ward

He’s gonna give us just the garden-variety demonstration of the power clean. It’s pretty rad, let me have it. And go for it. Zero instruction. That’s OK, that’s OK. I like it. That’s OK. Because what he did was the right thing. The bar went from where to where? From the ground to shoulder. What […]

The Muscle Snatch

All right, third step we’re going to go is a muscle snatch. We call it a muscle snatch because rather than pulling under the bar, we’re pulling the bar up. Some great things for the beginner first learning this is they learn proper bar path. For the intermediate/advanced lifter, they’re working on strengthening their turnover, […]

Fixing the Push Press with Doug Zakaras

Let’s what him do three, get set I want you guys to watch the speed of the movement, tell me if it’s quick. Ready and go. Reset. Was that fast? Did he pause at the bottom? That’s what you’d be looking for. Ready and go. Reset. Now watch the timing of the press. Why don’t […]

Mobility Comes First with Coach Burgener

Now squat. No hook grip. Now squat, now press. OK, stay down there. Bring it down. Now bring me your elbows forward. Now press. Do it again. Bring me your elbows forward. And down. OK, bring me your elbows forward. And stand. And put it down. That’s a great exercise. I put them in that […]

Heaving Snatch Balance

A lot of us struggle with the pulling under the bar and the confidence and the skill of getting underneath the bar and that’s where the skill-transfer exercises really come into play there. And we’re going to do what we call a heaving snatch balance, it’s going to look like a push press into an […]

CrossFit Liftoff: Event 3–AMRAP

For Event 3 of the 2015 CrossFit Liftoff, powered by Rogue, athletes will be performing as many repetitions as possible in 12 minutes of 3 snatches, 6 clean and jerks, 9 chest-to-bar pull-ups and 54 double-unders. The men’s weight is 135 pounds and the women will use 105 pounds. Prior to beginning the event, the […]

Squat Stance with Austin Begiebing

As you squat, look at my knees guys As you go down, you want to try to create as much space in between your knees as you can. Looks like this. You see that? And as yo stand, you’re still pushing out actively. So I want you focusing on that on this rep. Really try […]

American Kettlebell Swing with Jeff Martone

Let’s take a look at how easy the American swing is. We’re here. Hip drive, boom. It floats right to the top. Come back down. That is it. It is my hip that’s launching that weight up. So let’s break it down. Good hip drive, bam. Arms are just floating up. When you get to […]

Fixing The Immature Overhead Squat with Miranda Oldroyd

Marissa’s question is, I’ve seen people who have a really immature squat and a lot of people do and it’s like are you not gonna let them overhead squat for the two years it takes them to get upright? No. You’re gonna let them overhead squat What you’ve got to look at though is even […]