Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Presentation by Kurt Stange, MD, PhD

>>>DR. STEVEN CLAUSER: So I’ll introduce now Kurt Stange. Kurt is a family physician. He has been practicing for many years. He has done a lot of work in family oriented system design and primary care. He is the editor of the Annals of Family Medicine. He and his team did an incredible amount of […]

Hip-only Soft Exosuit for both Walking and Running

♪Music♪ The latest hip exosuit developed at the Wyss Institute and Harvard SEAS can now assist with both walking and running. This is a new milestone in wearable robotics. During walking, a person’s center of mass moves like an inverted pendulum. It is highest at mid-stance where the leg is relatively straight. During running, the […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Discussant comments by Thomas Vogt, MD, MPH

>>>DR. STEVE CLAUSER: Our discussion for this session is Tom Vogt. I can tell, he’s got his hands full with this group. But he’s a former senior investigator at Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Services Research. His work is investigating improving prevention services in medical care settings, the quality and cost of preventive care, primary […]

Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?

On those cold, rainy days when you forget your rain jacket or umbrella and you want to stay as dry as possible… should you walk and spend more time in the rain? Or should you run, which means you’ll be smashing into more raindrops from the side? Assuming you haven’t been fully soaked yet and […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Overview by Arnold Kaluzny, PhD

>>>DR. STEVEN CLAUSER: Now there will be more detailed instructions in terms of how this is going to work, in terms of the discussions, but right now I’d really like to move directly into our first substantive presentation and introduce my close friend, Arnie Kaluzny. Arnie Kaluzny has served as chairman of Multilevel Interventions steering […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Presentation by Jane Zapka, ScD

>>>DR. STEVEN CLAUSER: So we are going to move now down the line to Jane Zapka. Jane has been working with us at the National Cancer Institute for awhile. She has a long history of working in community and cancer control activities. She is a professor at the Medical University of South Carolina and she […]

Getting Healthy at the UAMS Fitness Center: Senior Fitness

Adjoining the Spine Institute is Reynolds Institute on Aging, which houses a fitness center to provide seniors with: individualized fitness programs, use of exercise machines , bikes, treadmills and equipment, a full workout circuit and classes.

London South Bank University Faculty of Health and Social Care

Hannah Newstead: My name is Hannah Newstead and I am currently studying Adult Nursing at LSBU. The teaching and facilities here are really high tech and the lecturers really know their stuff. It’s very exciting how they are able to teach us and they are still practicing themselves; I think that is really important, especially […]

Fitness Preparation – Police Foundations – Algonquin College

[MUSIC] We’re known as P121 where most of our fitness training occurs The way we prepare our students is every semester they have fitness classes and we have them run through different drills usually we have a circuit training and we have minnie circuits that students run through that allows them to to prepare themselves […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Presentation by Joseph Morrissey, PhD

>>>DR. STEVE CLAUSER: In continuing our theme on research methods and design issues, we are now going to move to two new presentations. The first one is by Joe Morrissey. He’s a sociologist with interests in interorganizational network analysis, system assessment, program evaluations, health utilization, health outcomes. And he’s been involved in a number of […]