Bringing innovation to healthcare services

Serco is a leader in service integration because what we do is use our global strength to bring very best practice and integrate cutting-edge technology, but understanding the service delivery models so making sure that the technology supports the service that clinicians provide to their patients. WA Health’s vision for ICT in Fiona Stanley Hospital […]

How Used Hilton Hotel Soaps Get Recycled

Narrator: There’s an episode of Friends where Ross and Chandler are checking out of a hotel in Vermont. Ross: Could you have some complimentary toiletries sent up to my room? Narrator: As Ross picks up his suitcase to leave, it bursts open and an avalanche of mini soaps and lotions comes tumbling out. It’s admittedly […]

Frontline Innovation: Practice Enhancement Assistants (AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange)

Helping practices improve is a little bit like trying to repair an airplane in mid-flight. The practices have to continue to see patients during the process. They can’t stop. Our goal is to try to figure out the best way to help practices improve. In the Well Child Visit Project, we had to opportunity to […]

Digital Transformation in Healthcare and the Pharmaceutical Industry (CXOTalk #255)

Welcome to Episode #255 of CxOTalk. And, we are speaking about the pharmaceutical industry. We’re talking about healthcare and patients, and the relationship between drug companies and patients. And, the business model of drug companies, and the societal, cultural, political pressure. This is going to be a fascinating show. I’m Michael Krigsman. I’m an industry […]

Hacking Health Camp : Innovation in Health have to start somewhere

today there’s significant scientific, technical mutation la santé est un domaine vraiment complexe old models are disrupted and confront with this new generation that create new models physicians have to be involved in digital transformation rather than staying as observers we need tools fit our practices il est vraiment difficile pour eux de pénétrer ce […]

Are We Running Out of Resources?

Another contemporary economic myth is that we’re running out of resources. This fear that we’ll use up the Earth’s natural resources has been with us pretty much since the Industrial Revolution. Since the beginning of Industrialization, people have feared that as firms used up the Earth’s resources that we would eventually run out of them. […]

Northwestern safety training: “Run, Hide, Fight”

Emergencies of any kind are unpredictable. Northwestern has many safety policies in place to deal with critical situations. Northwestern Police go through extensive training to prepare for the possibility of active violence and a crisis management team is in place to manage critical incidents. But even with our safeguards in place knowing how to respond […]

How Amazon health will change your future

Early-stage strategy for healthcare innovation | Kevin Colleran, TJ Parker

Well, this is [inaudible], and I’m doing my MBA at Sloan School of Management. In the next set of sessions we will be deliberating the weirdest aspects of how to evaluate startups. First up is the billion dollar question on how do you evaluate seed stage startups? We have with us here Kevin Colleran, who’s […]

Healthcare Policy Innovations: Arthur Garson, MD

What the Grand-Aides program does is leverage physicians and nurses so they can see sick people quicker and keep people who don’t need to be in the emergency room at home. So a Grand-Aide is a certified nurse aid who’s had training who has the characteristics of a good grandparent. Six Grand-Aides can work with […]