InBody Spotlight – Cory Brightwell of Chuze Fitness

When you think about the culture that we have, which is welcoming non-intimidating, we felt like the scale was an intimidating factor for somebody who might be new to fitness or somebody who’s really struggling to reach their goals. Well, since we opened our first location, we have never had scales in our facilities. No […]

InBody Spotlight – Rachel Cosgrove of Results Fitness

I’m Rachel Cosgrove. I own Results Fitness and Results Fitness University. We’ve had Results Fitness open for 17 years and in that time we’ve been named one of Men’s Health magazine’s Top 10 Gyms three years in a row. And we’ve also been named one of the top gyms in Women’s Health magazine. My husband […]

InBody Spotlight – Dr. Tom Bakman of Restoration Healthcare

I’m Dr. Tom Bakman I’m a chiropractor by education. I’ve practiced about 30 years. I’ve had medical groups since 1993. This has always been a dream of mine, it’s a functional medicine group meaning that we take a systems approach to health. We look at the why, not the what. We have a core value […]