Total Fitness with Andy Speer | Trailer

Every single person out there has the ability, the power within themselves to improve from where they are right now. You have to have a reason, a very honest, genuine reason to be doing what you’re doing. (upbeat music) This program was designed to develop your overall athleticism. So you’re gonna put on muscle and […]

How to replace the Optical Drive | HP EliteDesk 705 G5 and ProDesk 600 G5, G4, 405 G4 SFF PC | HP

How to Replace the Optical Drive To remove the optical drive, first remove the access panel. Detach the power and data cables from the optical drive. Press on the green drive release latch at the rear of the drive and slide the drive out the front of the unit. If you are installing a new […]

How Storyboards fit in MVC, MVVM, and MVP

Caio: “Should I use only MVC if I’m using Storyboards?” No, you can use any pattern. There’s nothing forcing you to use MVC with Storyboards. Of course if you use Storyboards then you’re probably using UIKit. And UIKit comes with ViewControllers and Views. So you kind of have by default the MVC layer in the […]

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle | 8 Tips for Beginners

hi guys good morning hey you are seeing me in all my glory first thing in the morning no makeup here’s semi dirty but that’s how close we are I don’t mind today I wanted to make a video but a realistic one about how to get on that healthy lifestyle train all of us […]

3 Healthy Meal Choices at Chipotle Mexican Grill – Mind Over Munch

The most common order at Chipotle, according to the internet (and, coincidentally, my favorite meal, too): a burrito bowl with rice, beans, meat of choice, fajita veggies, tomato salsa, cheese sour cream, lettuce, guac, and a side of chips. Wowza! That’s more calories than ELEVEN cinnamon rolls! Hey munchers! A lot of you have requested […]

Help dealing with Anxiety – Mental Health & therapy with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

-Are we ready to go?- -Okay- Hey everybody. Today’s topic is how do we calm our minds? How do we do it? So stay tuned. So like I said, today’s topic is kind of like a meditation for beginners. Because I hear from many of you, that anxiety is one of your biggest struggles. And […]

How To Fit A Bike Into (Almost) Any Car | Transport A Bike Without A Roof Rack

– You want to transport your bike or bikes by car, but you don’t have a roof rack, or perhaps you don’t want to use a roof rack. Well in this video, I’m going to show you how you can fit a bike or bikes inside a car. I’m also going to give you a […]

Luigi’s Mansion 3 All 13F Gem Locations – Fitness Center Gems

Flash the Radio 3x to turn it ON

Beats Solo Pro review: on-ear noise cancellation, finally

– Beats headphones are everywhere. You see them on your commute, at the gym, on the heads of celebrities and star athletes. Beats have sold over 30 million units of its Solo line of headphones and now, there’s a brand new version. These are the $300 Solo Pros and they add a long-awaited feature, noise […]

Casually Explained: Being Healthy

Well, it’s pretty common knowledge that certain foods are healthy, and others aren’t so much, it’s pretty rare that you ever get an explanation as to why. And one thing that bothers me quite a bit is when someone says to eat something because: “It’s good for you!” or “It’s a superfood!” And almost universally, […]