Top Four Innovations in Health Care Reform 2012

Hello, this is News You Can Use from Swedish. I’m Dr. Jay. Fathi. I’m a family physician and the medical director for primary care and community health at Swedish. One of the prominent reforms and innovations that’s occurring is a redesign in the way health care benefits are administered. In the past, really for lack […]

Bringing innovation to healthcare services

Serco is a leader in service integration because what we do is use our global strength to bring very best practice and integrate cutting-edge technology, but understanding the service delivery models so making sure that the technology supports the service that clinicians provide to their patients. WA Health’s vision for ICT in Fiona Stanley Hospital […]

Blue Promise: Could You be a Victim of Health Care Fraud?

MUSIC DAN: We’ve all heard the horror stories of fraudulent behavior by business professionals across the country. But how common is it in the health care industry and could it happen to you? The answers might scare you. MUSIC DAN: Thanks for tuning into Blue Promise. I’m Dr. Dan McCoy and I’m the president of […]

Medicare & You: Planning for Discharge from a Health Care Setting

Hi, I’m Angela James with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. I’ve got some important information to share with you if you’re in a hospital, nursing home or other care setting and you’re going to be discharged. If you’re getting discharged, there are some things you should do to prepare for your departure. During […]

Cultural Awareness for Healthcare Professionals – Promo (English version)

I am Albanian. I am Chinese. I am Deaf. I am Punjabi. My diversity is strength, not an obstacle. I want to be treated with respect. …with respect. I want you to acknowledge my beliefs and customs, even if you don’t understand them. I want to feel I have been heard and understood. I want […]

China – A Health Tech Paradise Or A Dystopian Nightmare? – The Medical Futurist

How could a country keep a population of 1.4 billion people healthy when the system struggles with corruption, lack of resources and an aging population? China is going to be the undisputed technological superpower of the future, but if they want to solve these problems, they’ll inevitably need to bring their technological forte to healthcare […]

#howto How To Boost Your Stamina In 2 Minutes

Please Subscribe To My Channel And Like My Videos, Thanks! This video shows How To Boost Your Sexual Stamina With age, our body undergoes several changes and along with your body, your sexual stamina also undergoes many changes. You may experience low libido or erectile dysfunction. In women, one of the main changes observed is […]

Your Healthcare Record — what is it and how is it used?

Music Did you know that when you receive nutrition care from a registered dietitian, they must keep a client health record? But what’s in your client health record and how is it used? Client health records contain your personal health information, including details of your medical history, nutrition assessment, and care plan. This information helps […]

How health care quietly powers the U.S. economy | Michael Dowling

Health care is a humongous economic engine. It’s often forgotten about the fact that there is a real contribution to the economy by health care. If you’re running a large health care organization, you’re probably the place that is doing the most construction in the region. So for example, in our organization, we do more […]

From spine surgery to running a half-marathon

-What motivated me to do this half marathon was I want to prove to myself that I progressed and and that I’m able to do stuff now. My name is George Partita I am 25 years of age and currently I am working as an x-ray technician i was diagnosed with the tumor it was […]