Healthy Corn Chowder | #10HealthyMeals | Donal Skehan

Hi Guys, Donal here. I have a brilliant quick, simple and healthy little recipe to keep you warm during these colder winter months It’s a corn chowder, it’s very, very easy to make and best of all It is luscious, creamy and sweet It starts off with cutting up, some celery and some onion If […]

SHAKSHUKA | healthy breakfast recipe (or anytime of day recipe)

– Hey guys, my recent trip to Israel and Jordan was a phenomenal trip. And I’m still going through the 2,000 plus photos I took so that I can do a proper blog post recap. (upbeat electronic music) But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite recipes that I […]

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle | 8 Tips for Beginners

hi guys good morning hey you are seeing me in all my glory first thing in the morning no makeup here’s semi dirty but that’s how close we are I don’t mind today I wanted to make a video but a realistic one about how to get on that healthy lifestyle train all of us […]

Important Digestive Health Tips

(air whooshing) Are you hungry for more health tips? Well, today, we’re tackling an important subject: digestive health. Here’s what an expert recommends to keep your GI tract working well. First, don’t forget about fitting water breaks into your day. – Water is an essential part of our GI tract, and a lack of water […]

Why Diet Might Be a Big Deal for Mental Health

[ ♪INTRO ] When it comes to physical health, mountains of evidence will tell you that a healthy diet is important. And it is. But a growing body of research is showing that diet is important for mental health, too. And before you click away, no, I’m not about to show you 10 superfoods to […]

This Is What 200 Calories Look Like: Junk vs. Healthy Food

we are always obsessing over how many calories we are taking in everyday but do you really understand how many calories are really in the food that we eat let’s break down some of our favorite foods with their real caloric intake 200 calories junk versus healthy food fast food first up is junk food […]

Get Fit in Atlanta: A Tough Mudder Travel Guide – Coachified Ep. 7 | Tough Mudder

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re here in beautiful Atlanta less than 24 hours before 2017’s Tough Mudder, and we’re going to show you how to live life to the fullest. We’re going to get our fitness on all over this beautiful city. [MUSIC PLAYING] [EAGLE CAWING] Coachified! Living life to the fullest is about getting dirty and […]

Pulmonary Rehab: Daily Fitness & Exercise

Hello, I am Dr. Ken Chapman, Director of the Asthma & Airway Centre of the University Health Network and Director of our Pulmonary Rehab Program at Toronto Western site. I am delighted to be able to introduce this DVD of Basic Pulmonary Rehab Exercises. How are you going to use this DVD? First, you consult […]