Why Is This Tribe So Far From Civilization So Healthy

This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head over to wix.com/go/infographics to try out one of their premium plans right now. Non-state, or stateless societies were the norm in the past, and then with the rise of agricultural practices we got together and formed societies and started […]

Step Into Your Power With Fitness Phenomenon Robin Arzon

– [Robin] From the belly of production, there’s a hallway that leads into the studio. I liken it to the pathway that players walk through to get out on to the field. That live element is never lost on us. You’re hosting a show while working out, while engaging with thousands of people. When that […]

7 WORST Healthy Habits You Need to STOP

This video is for my more advanced viewers who are brand new to fitness. I recommend you go over to my website Cocoa Fitness comm start a free trial you get 10 days free to check out all my programs See if you can find something for yourself And then when you are in a […]

Yoga/Yogasana/ யோகா /யோகாசனா : Health Tips for white teeth

Hello! Today I am going to share with you a simple way to whiten your teeth. In due course time, our teeth tends to turn yellow in colour To maintain the white colour in our teeth we are going to share a simple home remedy. To remove the yellow colour on your teeth, dry the […]

When You Should NOT Workout (for weight loss)

Could you be working out during the wrong times for your weight loss and health goals? There are five times when you should actually skip that workout. Hey guys, welcome back to Led Fit. I’m Serein Wu, certified health coach and nutritionist through Precision Nutrition and Chris Ledford, my husband is a certified personal trainer […]

Powerlifting Physician Shares Fitness Advice

Our next guest is a doctor who has over 600,000 views on YouTube, tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, but that’s nothing compared to what he can bench press in the gym. I got into fitness, and really developed a passion for it when I started coaching people. I’ve been coaching and competing for […]

The Fitness Fanatic With Bones of Glass | BORN DIFFERENT

JASMINE MANUEL: I have brittle bones but guess what, I am 22-years-old – I got this. If I break something, I will call you but I know I am going to be okay. JASMINE MANUEL: My name is Jasmine Manuel; I am 22; I am a music producer and I go to Kennesaw State University. […]

Health & Fitness | Healthy Diet Food Plan | What Nadia khan Eats | Aisi Hai Tanhai | Outstyle.com

Today we are doing a segment..Which you have been waiting for so long What things I usually eat, What is my diet Here is my diet plan I recently gave one of my friend in Islamabad.. my diet plan. In one month she lost 7-8 pounds Now, I am going to tell you about my […]

My Weight Loss Story – FITNESS JOURNEY (with pictures) | How Fitness Changed My Life (BAHASA)

Hi guys! My name is Shiely Today I want to share to you about my fitness story When I used to be like this and transform become like this Actually I don’t really believe in my self that today I really make this video Because just slightly number of my friends never known that I […]