Health Care: How To Make A Jacked Up American Quilt | October 4, 2017 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

[APPLAUSE] Welcome back to the show. While GOP leaders were desperately trying to take health care away from adults, they forgot to not take it away from kids. Funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP expired today after Congress failed to come up with the necessary $15 billion. I swear to god […]

White House to deny immigrants who cannot afford health care

WHO: Universal Health Coverage – What does it mean?

you might have heard people talking about universal health coverage but what does it really mean? Think about it this way. What do you need to get be and stay healthy. can you get help from a well trained health worker? can you get treatment that helps you get better? and is safe can you […]

RocHackHealth: A Health Care Data Hackathon

The RocHackHealth was about hacking health care data. One of the challenges was to try and predict hospital readmissions – whether people who were discharged from the hospital and went home after being ill, would come back to the hospital. Obviously, when you go home, you want to stay home. So, we had the groups […]

On the 2020 campaign trail, Biden and Sanders clash over health care plans

JUDY WOODRUFF: Democrats were unified this week in their swift condemnation of President Trump’s racist tweets. But, as Lisa Desjardins reports, a new rift among presidential candidates played out on the 2020 campaign trail. SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I-VT), Presidential Candidate: We believe that health care is a human right. LISA DESJARDINS: On the trail, the […]

13 men wrote a health care bill that would hurt women

These 13 male senators wrote a health care bill without the help of any women, and it’s really bad for women’s health. “Nobody is being excluded based upon gender .” “You know you need to write about what’s actually happening, and we’re having a discussion about the real issues.” The bill cuts funding for Medicaid, […]

How To Do Intermittent Fasting For Health – Dr Sten Ekberg Wellness For Life

How to do intermittent fasting for health. There’s always a good way to do something and a not-so-good way to do something I’m gonna tell you what you need to know am Doctor Ekberg with Wellness For Life and if you’d like to truly master health by understanding how the body really works make sure […]

Faces of Change: A Skeptic’s Story on Health Care Reform

[Piano Music] [Spike Dolomite-Ward Voiceover] My life is so completely and totally different. I feared there, for a while, that it would never be the same. [Music] [Family] God is great. God is good. Thank you for our food, Amen! [Spike] I’ll take some potatoes. [Spike] My name is Spike Dolomite-Ward, and like so many […]