Push Up Progression Pt.1

Alright crew. Here is the deal. I am going to give you a little insight on what is going on in my brain, and how I address movement and how I translate it into other things. The first thing I look at is position, second thing I look at is movement, and the third thing […]

The Gymnastics Planche with David Durante

You had mentioned that you were interested in learning how to do a planche, right? Yes. OK, have you tried one before on rings? Not on rings. With all this stuff we’re trying to do on rings, I would suggest that you try to learn it first on parallel bars or something static. So you […]

Pregnant And Pumping Iron: Fitness Instructor Deadlifts 205lbs

EMILY BREEZE WATSON: My due date is five days from now and I just deadlifted 205lbs today. COMM: Pregnant weightlifter Emily Breeze Watson could go to labor at any moment, and the lead up to the birth has been anything but relaxing. EMILY BREEZE WATSON: I just CrossFit six times a week. CrossFit includes cardio, […]

MMA Fitness 2019/04

Kettlebell / Theraband / Medicine Ball Kettlebell / Theraband / Medicine Ball Kettlebell / Theraband / Medicine Ball Kettlebell / Theraband / Medicine Ball

BODYBUILDER vs MY DAUGHTER – Adorable Fitness and Gymnastics Challenge

– Way to go little one. – You’re messing with the wrong little girl. – Hello, everyone. I am in Santa Monica to do a strength and fitness challenge between my level five gymnast daughter, Salish. – Hi. – And Muscle Beach icon, Ike. – Hello. – Whoa. – Obviously, I’m gonna win this thing […]

Dan Bailey: Workout of the Day for February 8, 2016

(music) We’re on the first run here. My kind of idea is thinking for me it’s been four to five months since I’ve been able to put in a serious running workout, because I had plantar fasciitis, and I’ve finally gotten that cleared up, and so, quarter mile, it’s like let’s see what you’ve got. […]

Straddle Press to Handstand with Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

This is just a drill to start an athlete to be able to get a straddle press. This one is just to learn how to make your shoulder lean forward so you start that transfer of mass. So we use the wall because when people let their shoulders go forward they’re scared to fall forward. […]

Shoot Through Drill

It’s called a “shoot through.” The cue is “shoot it.” So from push-up position, shoot it, elevate the hip, shoot it, back to that push-up position. Okay, one more time. Shoot it. We’re elevating the hip up, but we don’t want to go like exaggerated. Still try to keep a good straight line. Okay? And […]

Back Uprise Progression with David Durante and Chris Spealler

So the important thing to understand here is to always have pressure on the rings. You always want to be extending out from the rings as much as you can. Anytime you’re starting to bend your elbows or close your shoulder angle, you’re going to hit the bottom and it’s going to open up for […]

More Core: L-Sit Press to Handstand with Sean Lind

So I want to learn how to develop my press to handstand. So that drill we went through before—that straddle sit—and we’re talking about drag press, we do them on the ground, but I want you to do the drag press on the box, so I want you to place your hands on the ground […]