South Hills Saturdays Episode 4: Push 40 Fitness

– [Shelley Killinger] As a busy realtor in Pittsburgh, I’m always around town checking out new businesses, restaurants, and fun things to do. I want to share with you my favorite places and things to do in the South Hills. I’m Shelley Killinger with the Shelley Killinger Group at Re/Max CSI and this is South […]

InBody Spotlight – Cory Brightwell of Chuze Fitness

When you think about the culture that we have, which is welcoming non-intimidating, we felt like the scale was an intimidating factor for somebody who might be new to fitness or somebody who’s really struggling to reach their goals. Well, since we opened our first location, we have never had scales in our facilities. No […]

Workout with the Mirafit Garage Gym Equipment Level 1 Package

Mirafit logo Hi it’s Steve from Parkcore Personal Training and today we are using the Garage Gym Equipment Level 1 to do a shoulders and triceps workout. Shoulder and Tricep Workout Ok so starting things off for this workout, we’re doing the shoulder moves. The first one is going to be a seated plate shoulder […]

CSUSB Quick Look – Student Recreation & Fitness Center

Student Recreation & Fitness Center Our new 37,000 square-foot complex is simply remarkable. Students have free access to the 8,800 square-foot fitness room, a 34-foot rock climbing wall, a multi-purpose athletic court, men’s and women’s locker rooms and saunas.

‘Keystone Boxing & MMA Gym’ Finds it’s Pulse | Small Business Revolution – Main Street: S2E6

– [Narrator] On this episode of Small Business Revolution – Main Street, an MMA gym has just opened their doors. – I taught myself most of the things I know about boxing. – [Narrator] With an owner who puts his passion for coaching kids before his business. – [Jose] How am I supposed to make […]


5 amazing transformations gym 2 The changes do not happen overnight in the morning. They take hours and hours of training, eat well, they put their health above all. There is no easy way when making changes for life, but perseverance and determination are fundamental. Whether you’re fighting some health problems in a losing battle […]

Madonna & Hard Candy Fitness / videoscout-it

Madonna! Madonna! Madonna! Madonna! We just wanna say thank you so much to come out to the first ever “Hard Candy Fitness” gym in Germany. Yeah! I am Madonna’s personal trainer. I´ve been training her for 4 years. I’ve been working with her, as you can see, she’s been on tours, we’ ve been to […]

2010 Success Story – Lori Yates | Anytime Fitness

[TYPING] LORI YATES: Went to the doctor today. I’m morbidly obese. Happy 45th birthday. I look at my lab results. Diagnosis of diabetes is confirmed. LESLIE BECKER: That puts her at risk into the future of all kinds of serious complications which comes with diabetes. It’s vascular disease, heart attack, strokes, kidney failure, blindness, skin […]